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Year 2016

Beneficiaries from Children’s Cancer Foundation and Nathan Hartono putting up their Christmas baubles. Beneficiaries from Children’s Cancer Foundation and Nathan Hartono putting up their Christmas baubles.

Of all the Christmas trees adorning the “Merry Medley” floral display in Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome, one in particular stands out. On this tree hangs Christmas baubles that have been personally handcrafted by local singing sensation Nathan Hartono and 15 beneficiaries from Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF).

In a special engagement held in the Flower Dome today, Nathan and the children, who are aged between 6 and 12 years old, gathered for a craft session to make their own Christmas baubles. Everyone brought along an item that was personally meaningful to them, and placed it inside their transparent bauble as a finishing touch. After hanging their Christmas baubles on the tree, Nathan and the children penned their hopes for the yuletide season on a wish board.

The Christmas tree and wish board will be on display in the Flower Dome as part of the “Merry Medley” floral display until 5 January 2017.

Ms Peggy Chong, Deputy CEO of Gardens by the Bay, said, “With Christmas being the season of giving, we wanted to do something meaningful for the beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation. We hope the kids had a memorable time with Nathan Hartono amidst the beauty of winter blooms, and experienced that special sense of wonder that Gardens by the Bay brings to visitors.”

“This is the first time that I’m visiting the Flower Dome with my parents, and I’m happy that I get to decorate the Christmas bauble with Nathan gor gor[1]. I had specially handcrafted the heart shaped bauble with a CCF play therapist just for this event,” said Lim Rui Ze, 9 years old.

On the same evening, visitors to the Flower Dome were given a special treat as Nathan serenaded the crowd with a yuletide classic, “The Christmas Song”, beside the 11-metre-tall Christmas Tower situated amidst the “Merry Medley” floral display. In addition, 30 lucky winners of a social media contest participated in a meet-and-greet session with him.


([1] gor gor refers to “brother” in Chinese dialect.)

Minister for National Development & Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong is taken on a tour of Gardens by the Bay’s newest attraction The Canyon by its designer, Japanese landscape architect Jun-ichi Inada (right). Minister for National Development & Second Minister for Finance Lawrence Wong is taken on a tour of Gardens by the Bay’s newest attraction The Canyon by its designer, Japanese landscape architect Jun-ichi Inada (right).

“What do you think that looks like?” could be an oft-heard refrain from visitors to Gardens by the Bay’s newest attraction, The Canyon. Featuring more than 60 one-of-a-kind rock forms naturally sculpted by Mother Nature, the 0.4 hectare rock garden launched today by Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development & Second Minister for Finance, seeks to take visitors on a journey of discovery and imagination.

Designed by established Japanese landscape designer Jun-ichi Inada, The Canyon, which is located just steps away from the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, encourages the young – and young at heart – to unleash their imagination as they wander through the 400-metre-long dragon-shaped trail, forming their own stories as they explore the natural rock forms.

Complementing these rocks are over 5,900 plants from arid regions specially selected for their interesting qualities, as well as four sculptures.

Dr Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, said, “Nature has many marvellous elements, and while flora is much celebrated at Gardens by the Bay, The Canyon offers a different perspective by showcasing the beauty in rocks. We hope that this is a place that will inspire a sense of wonder in children, especially since the young have such unfettered imagination.”

Rock solid foundations

In preparation for The Canyon, the team at Gardens by the Bay spent close to three years sourcing for unusual natural rock forms in Shandong, China, seeking out each rock for its aesthetic appeal, unique shape and massive size that would make the landscape stand out against the backdrop of the Cooled Conservatories.

Naturally shaped by weather and time, several of these rock forms date back to more than a thousand years. The widest rock measures 9m across, while the tallest reaches a height of 7m.

Exotic plant varieties

The Canyon also features 200 exotic plant species from hot and dry regions, which were chosen for their unusual appearances or surprising qualities, to complement the spectacle of unique rock forms. Many of these plants are palms, cycads, and succulents not often seen in Singapore.

Plant enthusiasts will have the opportunity to view uncommon species such as the strikingly attractive Carnauba Waxed Palm, the bizarre-looking Grass Tree with its blackened stem, the Cockspur Coral Tree that has flowers resembling the sharp spur of a cock’s feet, and the Brazilian Rain Tree with its peculiar twisted trunk and pretty powderpuff flowers.

Sculptures of note

Besides spurring one’s imagination, creativity continues to take flight in The Canyon with four sculptures. Keep an eye out for “Dragonfly”, a supersized version of the aforementioned insect crafted from scrap metal, and “Marco Drago”, a whimsical dragon sculpture inspired by an original tale.

Adding to the mystical appeal of The Canyon are two Chinese totems intricately crafted from granite, with the taller one overlooking the beautiful Marina Bay.

Documenting the journey of Gardens by the Bay

The opening of The Canyon also saw the launch of a commemorative book “The World in a Garden”, which chronicles the journey of Gardens by the Bay from its initial development, to being recognised as a People’s Garden today.

Written by Bonnie Tinsley, “The World in a Garden” is available at the gift shops at Gardens by the Bay as well as major bookstores at the recommended retail price of $69.90.

Please refer to the Media Factsheet for more information.

Senior Minister of State, Mr. Heng Chee How, putting the final touches to the Rangoli Radiance display, created by local visual artist Vijaya Mohan (right) with the help of over 550 members of the community. Senior Minister of State, Mr. Heng Chee How, putting the final touches to the Rangoli Radiance display, created by local visual artist Vijaya Mohan (right) with the help of over 550 members of the community.

A stunning display of Indian floor art set a new Singapore Record for “Largest Collage Made of Glass Marbles” today at Gardens by the Bay. Measuring 10 metres by 12 metres, the colourful Rangoli exhibit was created by local visual artist Mdm Vijaya Mohan and over 550 members of the community to celebrate Deepavali. It was officially unveiled this morning by Guest of Honour, Mr Heng Chee How, Senior Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office and Member of Parliament, Jalan Besar GRC, who placed the finishing touch.

Rangoli Radiance adds a modern twist to the traditional art form through the creative use of mixed media such as glass marbles, glitter and coloured paper. Close to 15,000 glass marbles were used in total. Conceptualised by Vijaya, preparatory works for the community art installation started back in August, when she worked with 25 organisations including voluntary welfare organisations and schools to co-create some 500 individual pieces of artwork. The individual artworks were then pieced together by Vijaya on-site at The Rose in Gardens by the Bay on Friday, 21 October, the day prior to the event.

In her work as a visual artist, Vijaya seeks to explore the creation of Rangoli beyond traditional means, utilising different approaches, mediums and locations. She is a Guinness World Record Holder for the largest Rangoli pattern (2003) and a holder of the Singapore Book of Records in 13 categories. This is her 14th record. Visitors can catch the Rangoli Radiance exhibition till 30 October 2016 in celebration of Deepavali. There will also be free workshops on 22 and 23 October for visitors to create their own Rangoli artwork.

Please refer to the Annex for more information.

Gardens by the Bay staff showcasing the interactive lantern powered by a smartphone app, which plays an important role in the Gardens’ first-ever interactive lantern procession – one of the key highlights of this year’s Mid-Autumn celebrations. Gardens by the Bay staff showcasing the interactive lantern powered by a smartphone app, which plays an important role in the Gardens’ first-ever interactive lantern procession – one of the key highlights of this year’s Mid-Autumn celebrations.

First came the candle, then the light bulb. Now, the newest method to light up Mid-Autumn lanterns could just be the ubiquitous smartphone. That’s what Gardens by the Bay will be encouraging visitors to do at its first interactive lantern procession, which will be happening during the official launch of Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay on 4 September.

At a demonstration held at the Supertree Grove yesterday, Gardens by the Bay staff showcased how the interactive lantern will work. Lecturers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design designed and conceptualised this modern lantern, which is powered by a smartphone app, just for the Mid-Autumn celebrations at the Gardens.

Visitors simply download the “Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay” app, and fit a specially-designed lantern casing over their smartphone. As they walk by the giant lantern sets on display around the Gardens, Bluetooth beacons installed at each giant lantern set will trigger the app to emit light in an array of colours. The colours will change with each lantern set, creating a shared magical experience for all participants.

The app is already available for download on the App Store and Google Play, while the lantern casings will be distributed to the public for free on 4 September. A limited quantity of selfie sticks will also be given out that day so that participants can prop their lanterns up. Visitors can bring their own selfie sticks too, though the interactive lantern will work even without one.

Ms Ong Chui Leng, Director of Programming at Gardens by the Bay said, “We are always looking to create unique experiences for our visitors by taking a creative approach in our programmes and displays. This year’s Mid-Autumn celebration at Gardens by the Bay sees a strong fusion of both traditional and modern elements as we wanted to bring an innovative twist to tradition. We are embracing the use of technology to encourage more families and young people to join us and immerse themselves in the festivities.”

Other highlights of Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay

At this year’s Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay, 10 sprawling lantern sets around the Gardens portray well-loved Asian stories of the moon. One of the biggest lantern sets is “The Ten Suns”, which tells the tale of the archer Hou Yi, the husband of Moon Goddess Chang Er, and measures 27 metres across.

At the Colonnade of Lights near the Supertree Grove, visitors can view 4,000 lanterns painted by the community including local and international students and senior citizens.

Visitors can also look forward to nightly cultural performances in collaboration with the National Arts Council, storytelling, craft booths and a Food Street serving up delectable treats.

Please refer to the annex for the programme of Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay.

As Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) draws close to its final day on 31 July, organisers have shared that they expect to achieve a visitorship of around 400,000 people, far surpassing the figures for 2014. About 300,000 people had visited SGF in 2014, when it was first relocated to Gardens by the Bay. Results of the People’s Choice Award and Gardeners’ Choice Award, which were the most popular displays voted by visitors, were also made known today to enable the public to view these favourite exhibits and other stunning displays before the Festival closes at 10pm on Sunday, 31 July. 

Mr Kenneth Er, Chief Executive Officer, National Parks Board (NParks) said, “This is a special year for the Festival – not only because it is our show of the decade, the sixth edition in 10 years – but because of the extensive collaboration and efforts by local and international designers, community gardeners, hobbyists as well as staff from NParks and Gardens by the Bay who have come together to create 79 displays, featuring some 400,000 plants. Feedback from internationally-acclaimed garden and floral designers affirmed that this year’s Festival is the best they have experienced and commented in particular about the high international standards of the show. The strong visitor turnout is also testament that we have presented a truly magical tropical floral wonderland experience to the visitors. Much of what we have achieved today, is only possible because of the contributions from Dr Kiat W. Tan, then CEO of NParks in 2006, who spearheaded the inaugural Festival.”

Dr Kiat W. Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Gardens by the Bay, said, “From when the Singapore Garden Festival was launched in 2006, the intent has always been to host it at Gardens by the Bay when the Gardens is ready. This year, we are proud to play host for the second time to a bigger and better Singapore Garden Festival. Even more heartening for us is the overwhelming response from Singaporeans from all walks of life – it is gratifying to contribute a one-of-a-kind venue where visitors could experience stunning floral and landscape designs showcased in a tropical garden setting, as well as in the unique environment of the Flower Dome. I particularly commend the CEO of NParks, Kenneth Er, for spearheading this seminal flower festival of the tropics.”

Visitors’ favourite displays

“The Treasure Box” by designer Inch Lim (Malaysia) won the People’s Choice Award, which recognises visitors’ favourite displays created by professional designers across various competitions at Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) 2016. This show garden – which also won judges’ endorsement by clinching Best of Show and Horticulture Excellence in the Landscape Gardens category – envelopes visitors in greenery and water. The walls and floor are covered with mainly rice plants, that symbolise treasure as many people rely on them for life and sustenance. 

Winner of the Gardeners’ Choice Award, “Fairies Wheel” by community gardeners in the North East CDC, follows the transformation of an abandoned village into a magical fairyland. It outdid four other displays in the friendly Gardeners’ Cup competition for the Gardeners’ Choice Award.

Feedback on competitive highlights of the Festival

Competitive highlights at the largest edition of SGF include 15 Fantasy and Landscape Show Gardens, 14 Floral Windows to the World, six table-top displays under the Celebrations! Floral Table Series, and five Balcony Gardens. These were developed by a total of 47 professional and amateur designers, including 30 international competitors. 

Inch Lim (Malaysia) (林映宗) said, “Displays at SGF have become increasingly elaborate through the years, and the quality of competitive garden and floral showcases at this year’s Festival is certainly the highest in its history. This is an indication of the show’s progress, and it certainly compares very well with international counterparts.”

Judges of various competitive categories also lauded the show for high-quality displays. Mr Pascal Garbe (France), who was the head judge for the Fantasy Show Gardens commented that, “SGF is amongst the topmost prestigious shows in the world,” while Mr Jack Blandy (United States of America), one of the judges for the Landscape Show Gardens, cited that, “(this) is a Festival of international standards, putting Singapore’s horticulture on a world stage. Besides impressive competitive displays, community outreach efforts to encourage a love for greening among local residents should be applauded.”

For local implementing partners, working with international designers provided greater exposure. Jerverss Choo (朱俊伟), Project Director, Mao Sheng Quanji Construction said, “Since we first participated in SGF in 2010, the Festival has provided many learning opportunities, thus we roped in younger team members to be part of the process this year. Besides learning the finer details of landscape design, their interest in this field has certainly grown, especially with encouragement in the form of awards won.” Mao Sheng Quanji Construction was the implementing partner for Inch Lim. 

Feedback on non-competitive highlights

To complement the works of competitors, SGF 2016 also provided room for local talents to showcase their creativity. Non-competitive displays such as the Orchid Extravaganza, World of Terrariums and other show gardens, were made possible through collaborations amongst staff at NParks and Gardens by the Bay, local designers, community gardeners and students.

Choo Kim Poh (朱金保), a 76-year- old teacher, created six displays for the World of Terrariums together with her husband. She said, “Contributing to World of Terrariums allowed me to spread my love for gardening, and I hope my creations will inspire visitors to start gardening, whether at home or in the office.”

Non-competitive displays were well-received by visitors such as mother-daughter pair, Sue Kim Lee (何金丽) and Sheradine Wong (苏思嘉). They commented, “Our trip to SGF has been very educational as we have been exposed to a wide variety of plants, some of which we never thought could be cultivated in Singapore. We also learnt more about common cooking and baking ingredients, and look forward to trying out new herbs when preparing food at home.”

Visitor and photography enthusiast Sky You also shared, “This is my first time at SGF, and I enjoyed admiring and photographing the many beautiful plants and displays spread across the Festival grounds.”

Another highlight of SGF 2016 is a non-ticketed area that allows more visitors to experience the Festival. Every night since 23 July 2016, “SGF Rocks!” – a host of nightly performances at Bayfront Stage by top local acts such as Gentle Bones, Jack & Rai, Jive Talkin’ and 53A entertained visitors. Additionally, visitors can shop to their hearts’ delight at the Marketplace, with over 100 stalls offering plants, gardening and landscape products for sale. The area also hosts “Dining in the Garden City” – an alfresco dining space with some 30 stalls where visitors can be satiated by local favourites and fusion dishes from various hawkers and international food vendors.

The next SGF will be held at Gardens by the Bay in 2018. Details on Festival dates will be announced when available.

For the People’s Choice Award, one lucky voter will walk away with a two nights’ stay at Pan Pacific Singapore, while for the Gardeners’ Choice Award, a lucky voter will walk away with a Bugatti VITA Juicer.

For more information, please visit or Facebook page

Premier international garden and flower show, Singapore Garden Festival (SGF), will make its return tomorrow, delighting visitors from 23–31 July 2016 at Gardens by the Bay. Jointly organised by the National Parks Board (NParks) and Gardens by the Bay, the Festival’s sixth edition will be the largest to date at 9.7 hectares – almost double the size of the 5-hectare showground in 2014 – and will showcase a record 79 garden and floral displays. 

Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said: “Ten years ago, we started the Singapore Garden Festival with the simple objective of celebrating our passion for greening with Singaporeans and the rest of the world. Today, the Festival is one of the top garden shows that many local and international designers want to be part of. Our community gardeners, volunteers, students and hobbyists also participate in the Festival by developing show gardens and making terrariums. At its heart, the Singapore Garden Festival is truly a show for the people, by the people. It represents the ethos of our City in a Garden – a shining example of how the government, private organisations, professionals and the community have worked together to shape this place we call home.” 

Special displays by local talent across the Festival

A testament to the raised calibre of homegrown talent, local designers, community gardeners, hobbyists and NParks staff have transformed the showground by putting together 21 garden and floral displays which will feature more than 60,000 tropical flowering plants and 10,000 flowering annuals. These include unique plants like the Sandpaper Vine (Petra rugosa) and Golden Lotus Banana (Musella lasiocarpa). Visitors can look forward to interesting displays such as the Espalier and Fruit Tree Garden, which features popular tropical fruits such as durians, mangoes and guavas, as well as espaliers – plants specially trained and pruned to create a two-dimensional living sculpture. At the Garden of Senses, some 10,000 plants of varying textures, colours and scents will be showcased to tease the senses of touch, sight, smell and sound. 

In line with the Festival’s ‘Wonderland’ theme, visitors can expect whimsical displays like the Secret Garden, featuring 68 orchid species and hybrids in hues of pink and purple, and Tea Time!, showcasing vibrant Camellias and Plantain Lilies. A series of creative gardens have also been designed specially for the iconic SGF mascots – Benny Bee, Gary Grasshopper and Lindy Ladybug. Larger-than-life props have been fabricated to complement the garden displays such as a 3 m-tall ‘beehive’ in Benny’s Sunflower Farm and a 500 kg ‘mushroom cottage’ in Lindy’s Ginger Garden. Visitors can also expect to see two-storey-tall chairs and giant teacups at the Chairs of the Giants display. 

Local designers have also created stand-out displays for the Festival. As visitors cross from The Meadow to Bayfront Plaza via The Meadow Bridge, they will be greeted by Rising of the Flowers Saga – a magnificent floating floral composition featuring a variety of Phalaenopsis orchids, as well as plants like Creeping Charlie (Pilea nummulariifolia), Silver Sprinkles (Pilea libanensis) and Dischidia ‘Green’. Created by 2012 Best of Show and Gold (Floral Windows to the World) winner Harijanto Setiawan, this is the first floating floral installation to be showcased at SGF.  

Another stunning display is Orchid Extravaganza in the Flower Dome that features over 12,000 orchid plants. Presented as an enchanted forest where mythical creatures known as ‘Orchidians’ call home, the display comprises over 200 orchid species and hybrids including the intriguing monkey-like Dracula and bright, flamboyant blooms of the Cattleya. Working on the display is Alan Tan, who was previously a horticulturist and landscape designer with NParks for 23 years. 

Awe-inspiring and fantasy-like gardens at The Meadow

This year sees a total of 47 designers, including 17 local designers, participating in competitive categories at the Festival. Singapore designers such as Ann Teo (Landscape Garden category), John Tan and Raymond Toh (Fantasy Garden category) will be competing with 30 other international designers, including 2014 Best of Show winners Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam from the United Kingdom (Landscape Garden category) and Michael Petrie from the United States (Fantasy Garden category).

Taking centrestage at The Meadow are 15 show gardens by designers from all over the world. Lining the perimeters of the Meadow are nine 80 sqm Landscape Gardens. With an emphasis on horticultural excellence, designers sought out interesting plant material to feature in their outdoor displays. For example, Inch Lim (Malaysia) brought in Blood Flowers commonly found in North America for “The Treasure Box”, while Red Leaf Rice line the perimeters of “Back to Nature”, the display by Leon Kluge (South Africa) and Bayley LuuTomes (New Zealand).

Nearby, housed in a 10m-tall tent, six whimsical Fantasy Gardens combine the creative use of plants, stage lighting and props to draw visitors into a whimsical world. Italian designer Stefano Passerotti’s “Nature’s Resolution” transports visitors back to the past with Chinese instrumentals. Presenting a twist to traditional garden design, Katsuhiko Koga and Kazuhiro Kagae (Japan) bring visitors closer to “fairies” at “Power of the Earth”.

Visitors will also get a chance to view the work of budding young horticulturists at the Landscape Design Challenge. Held on the Festival’s opening day (23 July), the competition will test the creativity and skills of tertiary students as they race to transform an empty space into a garden within four hours.

Nightly Performances, Buzzing MarketPlace, Floral Masterpieces and Live Competitions at Bayfront Plaza

To bring the buzz of the Festival to more visitors, SGF 2016 has expanded beyond the Meadow and Flower Dome into Bayfront Plaza, and will include an expansive non-ticketed area located outside Bayfront MRT. There, visitors will be entertained with nightly performances by local musicians such as Gentle Bones, Second Sunrise, VOX and The Codeword. Visitors can look forward to over 100 stalls offering food, plants, gardening and landscape products for sale. The area will also host ‘Dining in the Garden City’ – an alfresco dining space with a seating capacity of 700 where visitors can enjoy local favourites and fusion dishes from various hawkers and international food vendors.

Bayfront Plaza will also host the Floral Windows to the World competition, which will see 15 floral artists, including three from Singapore, create 14 intricate masterpieces using cutflowers and props. The SGF 2014 Best of Show and Gold winner in this category, Annette von Einem (Denmark), returns to defend her title. Nearby, visitors can draw inspiration from the Celebrations! Floral Table Series, featuring six dinner settings created using fresh flowers, decorative accessories and tableware.

Other popular highlights housed at the Bayfront Plaza include the Learning Garden which showcases various edible plants, a special display by the Singapore Gardening Society, and the Singapore Penjing & Artistic Stone Exhibition and Competition. Visitors can also catch “live” floral art in action at Floral Harmony at Nanyang and the 10th International FDSS Cup Floral Designing Competition.

(From left to right) Dr Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, and Mr Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group Chief Executive Officer, with the beneficiaries from Geylang East Home for the Aged and AWWA Senior Community Home on the new shuttle. (From left to right) Dr Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, and Mr Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group Chief Executive Officer, with the beneficiaries from Geylang East Home for the Aged and AWWA Senior Community Home on the new shuttle.

Wheelchair passengers can now enjoy free, seamless rides around the Gardens with a dedicated wheelchair carriage in every vehicle. To cater to the extensiveness of this year’s Singapore Garden Festival, seniors will also enjoy free shuttle rides at the Gardens from 23 to 31 July.

Visitors to Gardens by the Bay can look forward to an enhanced garden experience with eight new large-capacity and wheelchair-friendly passenger shuttles sponsored by multi-modal public transport operator SMRT.

Enhancing accessibility in the Gardens

The new shuttle fleet will strengthen Gardens by the Bay’s shuttle service, which connects visitors arriving at Bayfront MRT Station to the Gardens’ key attractions – the cooled conservatories.

A unique feature of the new vehicle is the wheelchair space at the rear, complete with a foldable access ramp which enables the wheelchair user to board the shuttle without having to first disembark from the wheelchair. This means even motorised wheelchair users are able to enjoy rides on the shuttle with their family and friends. Through the generosity of SMRT, wheelchair users can seamlessly enjoy Gardens by the Bay. Furthermore, in line with keeping the Gardens accessible, the shuttle service will be free for wheelchair passengers.

Compared to the existing 14-seater vehicles currently plying the Gardens’ shuttle route, the new large-capacity, wheelchair-enabled shuttles sponsored by SMRT can seat up to 22 persons and one wheelchair passenger. The soft internal cabin lights also make cruising through the Gardens an enjoyable experience for those visiting the Gardens at night. 

Dr Kiat W. Tan, CEO of Gardens by the Bay, said: “It has always been our vision to be a garden that everyone can enjoy. Since opening in 2012, we have continued to strengthen our people-mover-system within the Gardens. We are thankful to SMRT for this new gift of mobility that will enable more people to visit the Gardens with ease and enjoy the wonders of nature.”

Mr Desmond Kuek, SMRT President and Group Chief Executive Officer said: “SMRT is delighted to partner with Gardens by the Bay to enhance the commuting experience through more comfortable rides and better connectivity within the Gardens. Enhancing mobility is something that we aspire to achieve beyond our network, and this partnership with Gardens by the Bay allows us to give back to the community that we serve in a meaningful way.”

Joining in the launch this morning were some 30 beneficiaries from Geylang East Home for the Aged and AWWA Senior Community Home, who had the opportunity to enjoy the Gardens on the new vehicles. 

Close to half a million visitors a year are expected to benefit from the new large-capacity and wheelchair-friendly shuttle fleet, including the elderly and less mobile.

Gearing up for Singapore Garden Festival

With the new shuttle fleet, Gardens by the Bay will be better equipped for big-scale events such as the upcoming Singapore Garden Festival. This year’s edition – the Festival’s largest to date – will stretch across 9.7 hectares of the Gardens, from Bayfront Plaza to The Meadow to the Flower Dome. 

To cater to the bigger festival grounds, Gardens by the Bay will expand its shuttle route and double the number of shuttle stations during the Singapore Garden Festival from 23 to 31 July. While ticket price for the shuttle service remains unchanged at $3 for unlimited rides in a day, seniors will enjoy free shuttle rides during this nine-day period. 

For more information, please refer to:

  • Annex A – details of the shuttle service at Gardens by the Bay
  • Annex B – details of the expanded shuttle route and free rides for seniors during Singapore Garden Festival

Performers from Starlight Alchemy rehearsing for Retro Fever. This is the first time a dance performance is being staged on the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay. Performers from Starlight Alchemy rehearsing for Retro Fever. This is the first time a dance performance is being staged on the OCBC Skyway at Gardens by the Bay.

In preparation for the first retro-themed party at Gardens by the Bay this Saturday, 25 June, 12 performers from local arts group, Starlight Alchemy, rehearsed for what will be one of the highlights at Retro Fever – an illuminated dance performance featuring luminous costumes, psychedelic LED technologies, and groovy retro tunes. This is the first time a dance performance is being staged on the Gardens’ 22-metre-high OCBC Skyway. To cap the night off, a mesmerising display of pyrotechnics will also be launched from the skyway for the very first time.  

Retro Fever is a one-night-only event that will be graced by Minister for National Development, Mr Lawrence Wong, on 25 June at the Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay.

Besides the illuminated dance performance by Starlight Alchemy, visitors can also look forward to a special retro edition of the popular Garden Rhapsody light and sound show, and boogie the night away with fun-filled dance workouts like Saturday Night Retro Zumba and Ka-Ra-Robics Mass Dance. 

Retro Fever coincides with Lilytopia, Gardens by the Bay’s first retro-themed floral display, which runs till 10 July. Flower Power rules in this colourful display featuring over 50 varieties of lilies alongside pop icons like the hippie van, guitar and classic scooter. 

Please refer to the Annex for more details on Retro Fever and Lilytopia.

Gardens by the Bay, Tulipmania

Embark on a botanical journey back in time as Gardens by the Bay’s popular tulip festival, Tulipmania, traces the roots of the alluring tulip and rediscovers its origins in Central Asia and the ancient Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey).

Way before the tulip was brought to the Netherlands where it sparked “Tulipomania” during the Dutch Golden Age, the first wild tulips were believed to have grown in the mountainous regions of Central Asia. So captivating was it to the Sultan and people of the 16th-century Ottoman Empire that it became the inspiration for many songs, poetry and paintings.

To pay homage to the origins of the tulip, this year’s Tulipmania display at Gardens by the Bay will feature more than 35,000 tulips laid out in colourful carpets of intricate patterns in the Flower Dome. In all, some 110,000 tulips in 60 varieties will be brought in for the festival. A highlight will be the “Lily Tulip” cultivars brought in for the first time by the Gardens. Its slender form, with long pointed petals, is reminiscent of the old tulip species that once grew in Central Asia and adorned traditional crockery, tiles and fabrics as a decorative motif.

In conjunction with Tulipmania, visitors young and old can enjoy complimentary guided tours to find out more fascinating facts and anecdotes about the tulip display, sign up for a craft workshop to create their own teddy bear with tulip prints, and participate in a host of themed activities organised by Gardens by the Bay and official airline partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Tulipmania runs till 22 May 2016. Local senior citizens can enjoy 50% on admission tickets to the Flower Dome during this period (terms and conditions apply).

“Tulipmania” Floral Display
Date: April 8 to May 22
Time: 9am to 9pm
Location: Flower Dome
Details: Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply. Log on to for more information on the floral display, ticketing promotion, and related programmes.

Please refer to Appendix A for interesting facts on tulips and Tulipmania, and Appendix B for programmes held in conjunction with Tulipmania.

Beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation planting tulip bulbs in the Flower Dome with their families as well as staff and volunteers of Gardens by the Bay. Beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation planting tulip bulbs in the Flower Dome with their families as well as staff and volunteers of Gardens by the Bay.

Tulips are beautiful flowers but for the beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF), they hold a special meaning of hope and tenacity. A group of beneficiaries aged 7 to 23, together with their families, joined Gardens by the Bay staff and volunteers this afternoon to put the finishing touches to the upcoming “Tulipmania” floral display in the Flower Dome.

As part of the special outing, the children rolled up their sleeves for a tulip-bulb planting session at the Flower Field, before being hosted on a tour of the Gardens.

Said Ms Marziah Haji Omar, Assistant Director (Flower Field Design) at Gardens by the Bay, “This is the fourth year of Tulipmania and it is well-loved by many Singaporeans. While we appreciate the beauty of the blooms, what is even more meaningful is how they are a reminder of the courage and determination of children with cancer. We are glad to enable these children to try their hands at planting tulips, a flower that they hold close to their hearts.”

“Tulips are among the first flowers to blossom after a long winter. As a herald of spring and given its association with new life and growth, the tulip is a symbol of resilience and hope for our young patients in their battle against cancer”, said Ms Neo Lay Tin, Executive Director of CCF.

“Tulipmania” opens on April 8 and runs till May 22. Local senior citizens will enjoy 50% discount on admission tickets during this period (terms and conditions apply).

“Tulipmania” Floral Display
Date: April 8 to May 22
Time: 9am to 9pm
Location: Flower Dome
Details: Admission charges to the Flower Dome apply. Log on to for more information on the floral display and ticketing promotion.

The much-anticipated premier international garden and flower event, Singapore Garden Festival (SGF), will return for its sixth edition from 23 to 31 July 2016, marking 10 years since it started in 2006. Set to be the largest SGF ever, the return of SGF 2016 was today announced by Minister for National Development, Mr Lawrence Wong, who helped to complete the world’s Largest floral chandelier – put together by more than 260 students, community gardeners, corporate volunteers and NParks staff over five days.

The world’s Largest floral chandelier, hanging from a height of 13m, measures about 17m by 10m. It is made from over 60,000 flowers, and will be displayed at Marina Square Atrium until 3 April 2016.

Today, SGF also launched the ‘Adopt-A-Plant’ initiative to encourage a love for gardening amongst Singaporeans and inspire the community to co-create our City in a Garden. Between 1 to 8 April 2016, more than 8,000 plants will be put up for adoption at Marina Square (1 Apr), Raffles Place Park (4 Apr), Orchard Fountain Corner (6 Apr) and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (8 Apr). A variety of plant species will be distributed, including the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii), Painted Net-leaf (Fittonia albivensis ‘Verschaffltii’) and Variegated Peperomia (Peperomia clusiifolia 'Jewelry'). Members of the public can enjoy a 20 per cent discount on tickets when they present the accompanying plant tags at ticket counters during show days at Gardens by the Bay. 

SGF 2016 to be doubled in size, with more offerings for visitors

Over the nine days, visitors can look forward to taking in the best of tropical horticulture and floral artistry spread across 9.7 hectares at Gardens by the Bay – almost double the size of the 5-hectare showground in 2014. The Festival has expanded beyond The Meadow and onto Bayfront Plaza, in addition to the Orchid Extravaganza at the Flower Dome. There will also be nightly concerts and over 100 stalls offering food and beverages, plants, gardening and landscape products for sale outside the ticketed area – so that more visitors can experience SGF 2016.

Popular highlights from the previous editions of the Festival will be returning this year, including the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens, Balcony Gardens, Floral Windows to the World and Gardeners’ Cup. Visitors can expect to see 72 masterpieces across competitive and non-competitive categories by international and local designers, community gardeners and floral enthusiasts. This is an increase from SGF 2014, where there were a total of 50 floral displays.   

Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development, said, “Hope that this year’s SGF will continue to inspire more people to develop a passion for gardening and all things green. Then we will not only flourish as a City in a Garden, but also a City of Gardeners and Garden Lovers.”

Singapore Garden Festival 2016 celebrates international and local talent

Amongst the 33 international designers participating in the long-standing Landscape Garden, Fantasy Garden and Floral Windows to the World competitions, 24 will make their SGF debut this year. Internationally-acclaimed contestants returning to the biennial event include 2014 Gold and Best of Show winners Michael Petrie (Fantasy Garden), and Andrew Wilson and Gavin McWilliam (Landscape Garden).

Local participants include designers John Tan and Raymond Toh (Fantasy Garden), who clinched the Silver-Gilt award at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show 2015, and Ann Teo (Landscape Garden), recipient of the Outstanding Award of Excellence and two Gold Awards at the 2015 Singapore Landscape Architects Award.

For the first time in the event’s history, the Floral Windows to the World competition will identify its local participants via a public competition that will take place this weekend from 2 to 3 April. The top 3 displays will be invited to compete in SGF 2016 alongside international designers. Also taking place on 2 April, 16 public participants – comprising a mix of professionals and amateurs – will showcase their prowess in qualifying rounds for the Table-top Floral Display competition, themed “Wonderland”. The top six participants will go on to the finals at the Festival. The weekend competitions will take place at the Marina Square Atrium.

To further raise the profile of Singapore-based horticulture talents, this year’s Festival will also feature the Balcony Garden competition helmed by locals, Gardeners’ Cup by community gardeners, a Terrarium Exhibition, and a new Landscape Design Challenge – where teams of students will be tasked to transform an empty space into a garden within five hours.

Ticketing Details

From 15 April 2016, tickets for the floral and garden extravaganza can be purchased from Visitor Service Counters at Singapore Botanic Gardens, Ticketing Counters at Gardens by the Bay, and Selected credit and membership card holders (eg. PAssion Card, NTUC Plus!, SAFRA Card) will enjoy 10-20 per cent discount off local resident rates for SGF tickets. Tourists can also receive 10-20 per cent discount off standard rates for Gardens by the Bay Conservatory tickets, in conjunction with selected boarding pass and travel promotions.

SGF is jointly organised by NParks and Gardens by the Bay. For more information, please visit or Facebook page

Blossom Beats

Cherry blossoms in bloom right here in tropical Singapore – this unexpected sight is what visitors will get to see at Gardens by the Bay’s latest floral display, “Blossom Beats”.

About half of these sakura trees have started to bloom in this experimental floral display, and blooming is expected to continue over the next one to two weeks. This is the first time that visitors can see such a myriad of cherry blossoms, as well as other blossoms, in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

More than 20 varieties of cherry blossoms, or sakura, are showcased in the floral display. Visitors can look forward to seeing cultivars such as the Prunus Fujishidare which has pendulous branches, the Prunus Yedoensis Yoshino which stands out with its striking white flowers, and the Prunus Accolade, with its pale pink blooms.

In addition to cherry blossoms, peach blossoms are in bloom too. One unusual variety on show is the Prunus Genpei Shidare which has flowers of two different colours – red and white – growing on the same plant.

Styled after a traditional Japanese garden, “Blossom Beats” will also feature quintessential Japanese elements such as a tori gate, Japanese screens and kimono.

“Gardens by the Bay is a horticulture-themed attraction that delights its visitors with flowers not commonly seen in Singapore. With this in mind, we decided to bring in a variety of cherry and peach blossoms,” said Felix Loh, Chief Operating Officer of Gardens by the Bay.

“Coupled with the Japanese-styled landscape, we hope ‘Blossom Beats’ will give visitors a truly unique and memorable experience,” he added.

Cherry blossoms are ephemeral in nature, with flowers lasting about one to two weeks. This experimental floral display is expected to run till March 27.

Christmas Wonderland @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s largest yuletide fair, drew to a close with resounding success. The month-long festive event, held from 27 November 2015 to 3 January 2016, saw a record turnout of over 1,600,000 visitors – a marked increase from over 900,000 in 2014. The highest-ever daily attendance recorded at Gardens by the Bay was achieved on Christmas Day, when over 110,000 visited the fair. With expanded fair grounds of 35,000 square metres and new attractions, Christmas Wonderland proved to be a hit with a wide range of activities suited for families and people of all ages.

Jointly organised by Blue Sky Events and Gardens by the Bay, Christmas Wonderland was held for the second year at the Gardens. Visitors were treated to a multi-sensory experience with magnificent Luminarie light sculptures from Italy, a traditional Festive Market and a vintage Spiegeltent from the Netherlands which proved to be crowd pleasers once again this year.

The jovial mood was heightened with the hugely popular new attractions, the Ice Palace’s Ice Skating Rink and Snow Playground as well as the traditional carnival rides and game stalls at The Fairground, which appealed to children and the young-at-heart.  Over at the Flower Dome, the brand-new Christmas Toyland floral display captivated crowds with its enchanting display of toys amidst yuletide floral favourites.

“We are thrilled that the expanded second edition of Christmas Wonderland was very well received by local and overseas visitors. We are humbled by the strong support from our partners and are grateful for their contributions to the success of this event. Going forward, we will not rest on our laurels as we look into visitors' feedback and work towards delivering an enhanced experience with even more surprises for the next fair,” said Ms Sarah Martin, Director of Blue Sky Events.

Mr Felix Loh, Chief Operating Officer of Gardens by the Bay, said, “2015 has been an eventful and memorable year for many of us. We are heartened that Singaporeans found Gardens by the Bay a meaningful destination to round off the nation’s Golden Jubilee, and we look forward to bringing more exciting events and experiences to the Gardens in 2016 for everyone to enjoy.”

Ms Ho Lee Yen, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Singapore, said, "We are very delighted that the partnership with Christmas Wonderland brought many real moments of joy to our customers and the community with more than 1.6 million families and individuals coming together with their loved ones and friends to celebrate this festive season. As we embark 2016, AIA Singapore will continue to deeply engage the community by creating fun-filled platforms to bring everyone together to have fun and allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones, in addition to encouraging them to lead active and healthier lifestyles.”

Ms Carrie Kwik, Executive Director, Arts, Entertainment & Integrated Resorts, Singapore Tourism Board, said, “Christmas Wonderland has had a successful run as a beautiful and fun-filled event that greatly complemented the year-end festivities. The event was very well received by local residents as well as overseas visitors, who made up 40% of the total visitorship. We look forward to the surprises installed for 2016, and will continue to support the industry in creating more of such iconic experiences for Singaporeans and visitors to enjoy.”

Christmas Wonderland to return in 2016

Organisers announced that Christmas Wonderland will return for its third edition this year end. Details and dates of the 2016 fair will be shared closer to date.