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Year 2010

Kikkoman Singapore, the local manufacturing facility of Japan-based soy sauce manufacturer Kikkoman Corporation, today announced a S$1 million sponsorship for the enhancement of Kingfisher Lake . one of the key features in the upcoming Gardens by the Bay.

The S$1 million sponsorship marks Kikkoman Singapore's 25th anniversary celebrations.
A symbolic cheque presentation to the Garden City Fund took place today during the groundbreaking ceremony of Kingfisher Lake, which was officiated by Singapore's Minister for National Development, Mr Mah Bow Tan.

The donation will be channelled to the enhancement of Kingfisher Lake, particularly the upper and lower levels of the Lake and water features such as the Victoria Lily Pool, Spring Water Feature, The Streams, and Boulder Cascade.

Kingfisher Lake is one of two main lakes in Gardens by the Bay. As part of the Gardens. efforts to promote horticultural excellence and a sustainable ecosystem, it plays an important role in capturing run-off from within the Gardens and acts as an .eco-filter.. Apart from contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the Gardens, it raises awareness of the value that aquatic plants play in Nature, and highlights the significance of clean water in sustaining biodiversity. (Please refer to the factsheet on Kingfisher Lake for more details.)

Dr Kiat W. Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Gardens by the Bay, said, The vision for our Gardens by the Bay has always been to be a Garden for all Singaporeans and their friends . a national icon that Singaporeans can embrace and share ownership in. We are very grateful to Kikkoman for their generous contribution to the enhancement of the Kingfisher Lake, and we hope this enlightened support will encourage more corporations to come forward and help us make Gardens by the Bay the most amazing and wonderful garden it can be.

Gardens by the Bay will provide Singaporeans a new dimension in city living, right in the heart of Singapore's new Downtown. Setting a new standard in the way gardens are developed and managed, it will become Singapore's premier urban outdoor recreation space at Marina Bay, a national icon and a source of pride for all Singaporeans. The sponsorship announced today contributes to this vision and is in line with Kikkoman Singapore's corporate social responsibility policy, which upholds values such as improving society and protecting the environment.

Yuzaburo Mogi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kikkoman Corporation, said:

Kikkoman Singapore is pleased to donate S$1 million for developing Kingfisher Lake in Gardens by the Bay. I think the lake will send a strong message about the significance of clean water and biodiversity to the millions of people who will visit every year. One of the Kikkoman Group's policies is to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. Our donation for Kingfisher Lake is one way of fulfilling that responsibility. This sponsorship is our token of appreciation for the 25 successful years of business that we have enjoyed in Singapore.

Kikkoman Singapore started celebrating its anniversaries in 1990. That year, it celebrated its 5th anniversary by making a generous donation to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. In 1995, it celebrated its 10th anniversary with a concert performance by Dick Lee and Sandy Lam at the Singapore Harbour Front concert hall. In 2000, the company demonstrated its support of local performers by engaging four singers (Tanya Chua, Kit Chan, Jacintha Abisheganaden and Wendy Koh) to perform at the NUS Arts Centre and also made donation to President's Star Charity 2000. Five years ago, Kikkoman Singapore marked its 20th anniversary by establishing a research and development laboratory (Kikkoman's first in Asia outside Japan) to develop new products for Asia.

About Kikkoman Corporation

Kikkoman Corporation was incorporated in 1917 in Noda, Japan. Originally a combination of eight family-owned companies that had been producing soy sauce in Noda since the 17th century, Kikkoman is today the world's leading manufacturer of soy sauce. The company provides a comprehensive range of foodstuffs, fine wines, and superb dining. The Kikkoman label has grown to be recognized as a global trademark for quality food products.

About National Parks Board

National Parks Board (NParks) is responsible for providing and enhancing the greenery of the Garden City. Beyond green infrastructure, NParks is committed to enhancing the quality of life through creating memorable recreational experiences and lifestyles. 
NParks manages 10% of Singapore's total land area which comprises over 50 major parks and 4 nature reserves. Adding to this is the extensive streetscape, or roadside greenery, that forms the backbone of our City in a Garden. An island-wide Park Connector Network is also being developed to link major parks and residential areas.

As Singapore's scientific authority on nature conservation, NParks monitors and coordinates measures to ensure the health of Singapore's biodiversity. This supports the overall thrust of our urban conservation model, which aims to conserve representative eco-systems in land-scarce Singapore for future generations.

NParks is also the lead agency in the efforts to continually upgrade the Landscape Industry in Singapore. It works closely with industry partners to promote good work practices and create a thriving, innovative and professional industry that will support Singapore.s aspirations of being a City in the Garden.

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About Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay will occupy 101 hectares of prime land by the water at the heart of Singapore's new downtown at Marina Bay. Gardens by the Bay will be an integral part of Singapore's City in a Garden vision, a whole country geared to nurture flora and greenery. It will capture the essence of Singapore as the premier tropical city with an ideal environment in which to live, work and play.

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Gardens by the Bay today revealed 18 of its commercial spaces available for food and beverage (F&B) operations in the Bay South garden.

Spread out across the 54-hectare garden, the unique dining spaces are located among the main features in Bay South - the largest of the three gardens at Gardens by the Bay - and will offer a vast variety of dining options for all Singaporeans when it opens in 2011.

Situated in the heart of Singapore's new downtown Marina Bay area, Gardens by the Bay boasts three upcoming waterfront gardens that will not only be populated with diverse flora, but will also feature new and exciting dining concepts. Bay South alone features 23 commercial spaces, of which 18 are F&B spaces while the remaining 5 will be dedicated to retail.

The range of dining facilities will be planted among key features in the garden such as the Conservatory Complex with two specially constructed biomes that will house plants and flowers from the Mediterranean and Tropical Montane environments; the Supertree Grove, where 12 uniquely designed Supertrees which are vertical gardens standing between 25 and 50 metres in height will be populated with plants not commonly found in Singapore; and even atop the tallest Supertree, which offers a panoramic view of Singapore's new skyline.

Visitors can choose from a vast selection of dining options including a restaurant in a Mediterranean garden setting, the panoramic 50-metre Supertree Bar, Supertree Grove casual dining right at the centre of the Gardens, and a Satay Club by the waterfront.

Consonant with Singapore's aim to be entrenched as Asia's premier leisure destination, the development of the Gardens by the Bay at its pre-eminent location along the waterfront of Singapore's new downtown provides a new and exciting green space venue for recreation. "The Gardens by the Bay has always been envisioned to epitomize the tropical Garden City that is Singapore, an icon dedicated to all Singaporeans as their very own place to enjoy with their families and friends," said Dr Kiat W. Tan, CEO, Gardens by the Bay.

The 18 unique F&B spaces have been specially created to line the Bay South garden with dining options that cater to every layer of the Singapore community. Whether it's a family gathering over a weekend lunch, a business meeting, or simply chilling out with friends, there is something for everyone in the Gardens. To this end, the 9,400 square metre F&B spaces give visitors the flexibility to decide on the type of environment they want to be immersed in.

"Gardens by the Bay has immense potential to become an iconic, ground-breaking business spot, given its location in the city centre, and the fact that it offers operators something truly unique that no other location provides - the opportunity to exist and operate within a lush garden setting. With this unique dining concept, we believe the Gardens will attract quality operators from here and abroad," said Peter See-Toh, Managing Director, Retail Services, Knight Frank Pte Ltd.

The 18 F&B spaces will officially open for tender from September onwards.