Bloom! Plantkeepers of the Bay

Less visitors to Gardens by the Bay during the circuit breaker has brought out the presence of shy, mysterious creatures called Plantkeepers, normally unseen in the hustle and bustle of the Gardens.

We befriended them and discovered they have been living in Gardens by the Bay all this time, taking care of our plants!

Meet the Plantkeepers

Meet the Plantkeepers Everlasting Eric, Darcy the Dragonfly, Sindora the Sepetir Tree, Sprout the Otter, Olivia the Olive, and Ricky-Rhodo! and read about their stories!

Sprout the Otter

Sprout, the first otter born on the shores of Waterfront Promenade, has a bold and daring spirit that sees him volunteering for adventurous tasks, such as pruning air plants on the tallest Supertrees. He occasionally needs to be reined in by the older Plantkeepers, but they love him all the same. Sprout has an eternal plant growing from his head, which blooms into a flower when he meets someone he likes, which can be embarrassing!


Richy-Rhodo is here, and he is loud and proud! A protector of Cloud Forest, he loves to climb the cool and moist slopes of Cloud Mountain, exploring hidden nooks and treasures. Ricky is fond of Olivia the Olive, and often tries to woo her with gifts of orchids, ferns and other unique plants in the Cloud Forest. 

Olivia the Olive

Olivia the Olive, kind and gentle, has stewardship of Flower Dome. Not only does she watch over the plants under her care, she welcomes guest flowers such as Tulips, Sakuras, and Orchids, who visit the Flower Dome during the annual changing floral displays.

Everlasting Eric

In the early days of Gardens by the Bay, Supertrees were created. As the first of their kind, these Supertrees watched as shrubs, trees, and saplings were planted to create a garden from scratch. The biggest Supertree, Everlasting Eric, created magical Plantkeepers to take care of new plants. These Plantkeepers ensure that these plants in Gardens by the Bay stay happy and adjust to their new home.

Everlasting Eric is the tallest Supertree in Gardens by the Bay. Eric is creative and forward-looking, not at all set in old ways. He believes that the Gardens will continue flourishing so long as visitors and plants can draw positive energy from each other and help one another. Because there is so much on his mind, Eric can often lose track of time and be a tad frazzled!

Sindora the Sepetir Tree

Sindora is a well-meaning and kind-hearted tree with a wealth of experience. With her knowledge, she is the go-to Plantkeeper for advice when plants have ailments and sicknesses. She loves birds, and keeps a nest in her foliage for birds that need a safe space. Sindora can be a bit of a worrywart at times, but the other Plantkeepers are there to reassure and support her. 

Darcy the Dragonfly

Darcy is a dragonfly that is fastidious in keeping her lake home clean! Everlasting Eric likes how much Darcy cares for the plants by her lake habitat, so Eric made her the first Plantkeeper. Darcy is very neat and tidy and likes to remind her friends to keep their environment spotless, much to their annoyance sometimes. In her spare time, Darcy likes to perform acrobatic flying tricks along the surface of Dragonfly Lake, as a way to impress her friends. 

Look out for more stories featuring Gardens by the Bay’s Plantkeepers in the coming weeks!

Hang In There!

Sprout the Otter finds things to occupy his time at home.

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Count the Numbers

How many Begonia Babies can you find in this picture?

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Colouring Sheet: Family Portrait

Help our Bloom! Plantkeepers bring their family portrait alive by filling in this colouring sheet with vibrant hues!

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Episode 13: A Surprise Invitation

Olive checks in on her good friend Sindora, and invites her over for tea. Visit to learn tips from Health Promotion Board on how to reach out and support those you care for.

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Episode 12: A Familiar Stranger (Part 2)

While on a walk with Eric Everlasting, Sprout runs into a creature that looks otterly like him!

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Episode 11: A Familiar Stranger (Part 1)

While on a walk with Eric Everlasting, Sprout runs into a creature that looks otterly like him!

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Episode 10: Oxpicious Beginnings

The Chinese Zodiac animals visit the Flower Dome to view the Dahlia Dreams display - and receive an enthusiastically punny welcome.

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Episode 9: Origami Surprises

Ricky learns how to make origami flowers for his sweetheart. Little did he know that Olivia has a bigger surprise in store for him!

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Episode 8: Flowers Never Stop Blooming

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Episode 7: A High Stakes Game

Tensions run high after Sprout lost an online game to Ricky.

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Episode 6: Painting Lanterns

It's Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay! Ricky Rhodo draws a special lantern for his sweetheart, but it turns out to be not quite what he expected.

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Episode 5: Cleaning Duties

The Plantkeepers keep the Gardens clean...with a few flourishes of their own.

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Episode 4: A Surprise in Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest’s first full-scale art exhibition, "A Sculptor’s Secret Garden" by Taiwanese artist Lee Kuang-Yu, is currently on display.

Our Plantkeeper, Ricky, got quite a jolt when he viewed the sculptures!

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Episode 3: Maintenance Day

It takes work to keep the Gardens tidy! The Plantkeepers spruce up the outdoor Gardens, such as sweeping up leaves and trimming the foliage on our Supertrees.

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Episode 2: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

This week, an adventurous begonia gets ready for his journey into the outside world!

Uncommon begonias, propagated via cuttings from plants in Cloud Forest, can be purchased from our eShop.

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Episode 1: A New Visitor

Olivia meets one of the star vegetables in the Edible Garden, the first of our Pocket Gardens Surprise! 

Pocket Gardens Surprise is a series of mini displays interspersed throughout the various nooks of Flower Dome.

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