Do's and Don'ts at Gardens by the Bay premises


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Gardens by the bay
Plant life in the Gardens

Respect the plants. Please do not pluck, stomp on, damage any plant life or attempt to climb any tree. If you see something amiss, please approach our staff.

Gardens by the bay
Littering in the Gardens

Littering is prohibited by law in Singapore and is subject to a fine. Please keep the Gardens clean by disposing all litter in the designated bins provided.

Gardens by the bay
Mobility Aids in the Gardens

Wheelchairs (including motorised ones) and seated mobility scooters are allowed at the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Picnic in the Gardens

Picnics in most parts of the Gardens, with the exception of the Conservatories, is permitted. No picnic furniture is allowed throughout the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Food and Drinks consumption into the Conservatories

Food and drinks are prohibited in the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

Gardens by the bay
Open fire in the Gardens

Any form of open fire such as BBQs and lighted candles is prohibited on the grounds of the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Dogs in the Garden

Dogs are permitted at the Outdoor Gardens, but not at the Conservatories, OCBC Skyway and the Children's Garden (with the exception of guide dogs). Please keep the dogs on a leash and muzzle dog breeds specified under the Animals & Birds (Dog Licensing & Control) Rules. Do clean up after your dogs and dispose of all waste in a hygienic manner.

Gardens by the bay
Smoking in the Gardens

The Gardens is smoke-free.

Gardens by the bay
Cycling in the Gardens

Bicycles/tricycles, roller skates, skateboards and scooters are prohibited in the Gardens. If you are cycling to Bay South Gardens, please secure your bike at the bike stands available and enjoy the Gardens on foot. Cycling is permitted along the waterfront promenade in Bay South Garden and the perimeter of Bay East Garden.

Gardens by the bay
Kite flying, swimming and fishing in the Gardens

Kite flying (including remote-controlled kites), swimming and fishing are prohibited throughout the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Remote-controlled aerial devices

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of our visitors, as well as the protection and conservation of our greenery, the use of remote-controlled aerial cameras, planes, helicopters and other similar devices are not allowed in the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Filming & photography in the Gardens

Prior approval is required for commercial filming and photography. Kindly download and complete an application form with prevailing Terms & Conditions, and submit it to at least 14 days in advance for evaluation.

Filming and photography for your personal memories are welcome. To ensure a more pleasant photo-taking experience, wedding couples are strongly encouraged to arrange their photoshoot on weekdays only or book a photoshoot session that includes our accompanying Gardens Safety Ambassador.
Alternatively, click here to find out more about the exclusive use of attractions for personal filming and photography.

Gardens by the bay
Strollers / prams in the Gardens

Due to safety reasons, visitors with strollers/prams should use the lifts instead of escalators when going around the Gardens.

Gardens by the bay
Organised Activities in the Gardens

Gardens by the Bay is a public garden for the all to enjoy.  To ensure the best experience for all visitors, prior approval is required for the use of Gardens for any organised group activities. Kindly download and complete a request form and submit to at least 14 days in advance for evaluation.


Advisory for Fantasy Theatre Flight of the Dragonfly 4D Ride

Height Requirement

For safety reasons, all visitors (including children) must be at least 1m or taller to take the 4D ride. Children must be accompanied by a supervising companion.


Please note that visitors with the following conditions can approach our friendly Gardens staff on ground to be shown to their stationary seats. 

Gardens by the bay
Heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure
Gardens by the bay
Expectant mothers


Gardens by the bay
Wheelchair-bound visitors
Gardens by the bay
Motion sickness or dizziness
Gardens by the bay
Back pain, neck pain or similar physical conditions
Gardens by the bay
Recent surgery or other condtions that may be aggravated by this ride
Gardens by the bay
If you are sensitive to scents, this ride may not be suitable for you.

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering the Premises, you agree to assume all risks in respect of loss, damage and/or injury to your property/person (or anyone else whom you may be responsible for) and be liable for any cost/expense incurred arising out of such loss, damage and/or injury. Further, save to the extent permitted by law, you agree to be solely liable for, fully indemnify and hold Gardens by the Bay and/or our officers, employees and/or agents harmless from and against:  
    • (a)    all liabilities, damages, costs and expenses arising from any claims, demands, actions, proceedings, recoveries, judgment/execution, damages, costs (including legal costs), losses and expenses of any nature which Gardens by the Bay and/or our officers, employees/agents may suffer/incur in connection with your entry into the Premises; and
    • (b)    all losses and damages to the Premises, its adjoining/neighbouring premises and to all property therein howsoever caused by you.
  • For the avoidance of doubt, any assistance, including first aid or medical treatment, provided by Gardens by the Bay shall be discretionary and on a compassionate basis only. In no event shall the provision of such assistance be construed as an admission of liability by Gardens by the Bay for the loss, injury/damage sustained or the cost/expense incurred.
  • Gardens by the Bay reserves the right to halt any activity, refuse admission to you, or require you to leave the Premises or the Gardens if, in our opinion, any of these terms and conditions have been breached, or may likely to be breached by you.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Singapore law.