A fusion of botany and culture

Gardens by the Bay's new outdoor garden attraction, Serene Garden, is a unique horticultural garden inspired by the minimalist concept of Japanese zen gardens. A tranquil 2-hectare space located just a stone’s throw from The Meadow, visitors can get a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of the city life as they enjoy an intimate encounter with nature.

Opening Hours

Daily: 5.00am – 2.00am

Admission Rates

Free admission

Nearest Carpark

Bayfront Carpark


the Garden

At every turn, relaxation for your mind, body, and soul awaits. Discover the gingerly-curated selection of plants and natural ornaments that makes Serene Garden your much-desired pitstop.

Size of Serene Garden

Over 215,000 sq ft

Type of ambience

Tropical Zen

Tallest Podocarpus bonsai tree

measures 11.5m

Red and Blue rocks from Niyoda, Japan

Over 160
Gardens by the bay


Native to Madagascar, the Bismarckias are monotypic—meaning they are the one and only species in their genus! Find these silvery-leafed palm trees at the central water feature, where they proudly fan out their singular beauty.

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Podocarpus and Junipers

Take in a sense of peace admiring these elegant trees, long associated with traditional Japanese Zen gardens. Their interesting forms lend well to the art of bonsai, which is why the Junipers have been meticulously pruned by horticulture specialists to look like typical bonsai trees from Japan!

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Raved as one of the most sustainable materials on earth, the Bamboo is in fact the world’s fastest growing land plant. Despite its stupendous prowess, the Bamboo is never “loud”. Feel their quiet demeanour at the Serene Garden and immerse in a sense of serenity with these discreet beauties.

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Shady Tropicals

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Serene Garden is generously planted with tropical trees such as Lagerstroemias and weeping-form Angsanas. Not only do these trees blend in well with the minimalist landscape, they provide the much-needed shade to keep you cool and calm.

Gardens by the bay

Naturally-coloured Rocks

Amidst the placid greenery, find a collection of vibrantly-coloured rocks. Naturally red, blue, and grey, these titanic gems of Nature were handpicked from Niyodo, Japan as well as Singapore’s very own Bukit Timah granite quarry.

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Go with the flow and find your way to the central water feature of Serene Garden. A rivulet paved with exotic blue Niyodo rocks, its soothing sight instantly calms the mind.