A world you
never knew

Refresh your day with a sparkling river walk. As you admire the aquatic life in and around the lake, dive deeper to discover the marvellous ecosystem thriving right within.

Opening Hours

Daily: 5.00am - 2.00am

Admission Rates

Free Admission


the Garden

More than a scenic treat, lakes are a rich source of aquatic life, from amphibians to fish and migratory birds. Plants play a vital role in maintaining the right amount of nutrients in the lake by absorbing excess nitrogen and phosphorus. Water purification features such as 'Filter Beds', bioswales, and floating islands help to ensure healthy water quality. 

Length of the boardwalk

440 metres

A fragile ecosystem

Outcomes in nature from man's action

Spot The Dragonflies

The beautiful dragonflies can be a little hard to spot as they fly amidst the plants and lakes. Head over to the binoculars for a close-up view!


Scan & Learn

As you stroll through the gardens, look out for our special QR codes and scan them to learn fascinating facts about the unique lake system.

Did you know?

The lakes act as a natural filtration system for water from the surrounding catchment area. The water is also used to irrigate the Gardens.

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