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Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom


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Event Details

  • Flower Dome & Cloud Forest
    23 Apr - 1 Aug 2021
    9.00am - 9.00pm

    Outdoor Gardens (The Meadow, Serene Garden, World of Plants, *Dragonfly Lake, *SG50 Lattice, *Victoria Lily Pond) & Gallery (Bayfront Pavilion)
    1 May - 1 Aug 2021
    9.00am - 9.00pm (Mon to Fri)
    9.00am - 10.00pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)
    *Admission is free for locations marked with an asterisk.

  • Admission charges apply. Admission is free for visitors aged 3 years and under.

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    *Event information is subject to change. 

  • Customer Service Hotline and Email

    Hotline: +65 9272 4929 (Mon to Sun, 9.00am to 9.00pm)
    Email: info@chihulyinbloom.com

    For more information, visit www.chihulyinbloom.com.

Glass in Bloom

Step into a world of art in nature, with Dale Chihuly: Glass in Bloom!

Discover 25 stunning large-scale installations that reimagine the landscapes of our iconic gardens, at these locations:

Flower Dome | Cloud Forest | Bayfront Plaza & Dragonfly Lake
Victoria Lily Pond | World of Plants | The Meadow | Serene Garden


Flower Dome

White Tower

  • This display features landscapes that are inspired by incredible glass sculptures by world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. Take a photo with the spectacular Electric Yellow and Deep Coral Tower sculpture that greets you when you enter Flower Dome. Then stroll along a terrace garden at the Flower Field that is filled with red, pink, orange, yellow and white blooms of begonias, miniature roses and hydrangeas. Thereafter, admire the majestic White Tower and striking Erbium Reeds and Trumpet Flowers and Neodymium Reeds sculptures on display. Large bromeliads, palms, and our very own home-grown African daisies have been planted to create an organic landscape with pinkish and purplish hues inspired by the sculptures themselves.

Electric Yellow and
Deep Coral Tower

  • Electric Yellow and Deep Coral Tower, a massing of bright reds and yellows, showcases Chihuly's daring use of colour. The artist first developed the Towers series for projects that challenged Chihuly to create large sculptures for spaces without ceilings.

    It is complemented by a terrace garden at the centre flower field filled with red, pink, orange, yellow and white blooms of begonias, miniature roses and hydrangeas.

Erbium Reeds, Trumpet Flowers and Neodymium Reeds

  • The Erbium Reeds and Trumpet Flowers, as well as the Neodymium Reeds sculptures, in the centre flower field are surrounded by large bromeliads, palms and African daisies grown by Gardens by the Bay’s horticulturists, which create an organic landscape of pinkish and purplish hues inspired by the sculptures.

Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest Persians

  • First exhibited in 1986 as part of his exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais du Louvre in Paris, Chihuly’s Persian series is a celebration of form, scale and colour. Suspended within the Cloud Forest Dome is the grand-scale Cloud Forest Persians, with its delicate cascading blue and green ribbed roundels.

Fiori Verde

  • Chihuly's Fiori series is a culmination of many of the techniques he has developed over his long career. Looking closely at Fiori Verde, one can observe elements including the hornet shape he has incorporated into other installations.

Bayfront Plaza & Dragonfly Lake (Public installations)

End of the Day Persian Chandelier

  • At the SG50 Lattice is End of the Day Persian, a beautiful example of Chihuly's exploration of the form which he originally presented on pedestals and later evolved to include installations mounted on walls, overhead on ceilings, and assembled in the form of chandeliers and towers.

Float Boat, and Floats

  • Over at Dragonfly Lake is Float Boat, and Floats. Chihuly first filled wooden boats with glass in Nuutajärvi, Finland, during his ground-breaking 1995 Chihuly Over Venice project. The Niijima Floats are named after the island of Niijima in Tokyo Bay and the small Japanese fishing floats Chihuly would find on the shores of Puget Sound as a child.

Victoria Lily Pond (Public installation)

Blue and Purple Boat

  • The Blue and Purple Boat is composed with elements from Chihuly's Fiori for an exhibition in New York in 2006.

World of Plants

Orange Hornet Chandelier

  • Orange Hornet Chandelier is another example of Chihuly’s iconic Chandeliers which began in 1992 for an exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum. Over the years, he has explored massing both multi-coloured compositions and variations on a single colour.

Pearl and Obsidian Fiori

  • Pearl and Obsidian Fiori demonstrates the artist’s penchant for organic, free flowing forms that evoke the natural world. Through the variety of forms in this series, Chihuly creates compositions that range from a few standalone forms to multiple elements brought together in installations he calls Mille Fiori (Italian for “a thousand flowers”).

The Meadow

Setting Sun

  • Setting Sun, created to debut at Gardens by the Bay, is a quintessential example of Chihuly’s daring approach to large-scale installations. The Sun, sited in relation to the Moon, is composed of red and yellow flame-like tentacles that burn brightly in the expansive Meadows.


  • Moon was created for Chihuly’s landmark exhibition at the Tower of David Museum, Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000. Exhibited for the first time since, it comprises hundreds of irregularly formed blown glass discs in hues of white, opal, and rich blue.

Serene Garden

Ethereal White Persians

  • Hovering over the Serene Garden Fountain is Ethereal White Persians, a celebration of light, transparency, and form for this beautiful setting.

Red bamboo reeds

  • Red Bamboo Reeds are among the most dramatic blown glass forms. Each long tubular shape is created as one glassblower blows through the pipe from a mechanical lift to encourage the form to stretch, while another pulls the molten glass toward the ground.


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