Get to the root of 
Singapore's history

Walk down memory lane at Heritage Gardens and immerse in the charms of history. Discover stories about Singapore’s diverse ethnic groups and their cultures, told through a fascinating host of plants.

Opening Hours

Daily: 5.00am – 2.00am

Admission Rates

Free Admission

Nearest Carpark

Main Entrance Basement Carpark


the Gardens

Through four themed gardens, discover how plants are intricately linked to the culture of Singapore’s three main ethnic groups as well as colonial past. For a start, take a peek at some of the gardens’ interesting sights.

The Indian Garden is the

most creative garden

for taking the shape of a traditional floral motif

The Chinese Garden is the

most picturesque garden

where art mimics Nature

The Malay Garden is the

most tantalising garden

for its many plants grown for food

The Colonial Garden is the

most fragrant garden

for its aromatic spices and cash crops

Indian Garden

Chinese Garden

Malay Garden

Colonial Garden


Connect with Nature with Gardens’ Audio Tour

Tour the outdoor gardens in comfort on board the Garden Cruiser Audio Tour. Featuring an engaging audio commentary, this 20-minute ride brings visitors to various places of interest at Bay South Garden and introduces some unusual flora encountered along the way. 

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