TOUCH Family Festival 2024

The TOUCH Family Festival (TFF) by TOUCH Community Services is organised in support of National Family Festival 2024 and held at Gardens by The Bay.

Comprising a walk and carnival, TFF is open to members of the public and beneficiaries of TOUCH. It aims to bring together a Giving Community to make a positive impact in the lives of some 279,000 individuals, including vulnerable families, children, youth, seniors, persons with special and healthcare needs, and caregivers. Participants can walk for a good cause, bond with family and friends, and take part in fun festival activities at the event.

Touch Family Festival 2024

Date & Time

Sat, 25 May 2024

3.00pm – 7.00pm




The Meadow &
Supertree Grove

At TOUCH, we believe that everyone can be someone. Be someone who touches the lives of others by registering for the walk today! #everyonecanbesomeone

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