Our way of making the Gardens special

Gardens by the Bay spawned from a single vision – to create a ‘City in a Garden’. We started our journey with a plot of reclaimed land and flourished into the iconic show garden it is today. Along the way, we garnered numerous accolades and drew crowds from four corners of the globe. And we couldn’t have done it without our greatest asset – people.

Through the expertise and innovation of our staff, we have been able to revolutionise conventional horticulture in an urban setting, and enthral visitors leveraging cutting-edge technologies and ideas. This has enabled us to become a world-class attraction that is committed to being sustainable and fulfilling our mission as the ‘People's Garden’.

So whether you are a budding greenhorn looking for a start or an experienced hire, there is an opportunity for you to fulfil your passion with us and embark on an exciting journey.


We nurture nature and talent

At Gardens by the Bay, we grow, nurture and recognise our workforce – one of our key and valued assets. We believe in recognising and rewarding our staff through various means and gestures.


We want our staff and their families to enjoy the beauty of their work at the Gardens, and have a good work-life balance as well as high quality of life. We aim to maintain and further improve our working environment for our people, through various schemes and benefits.

Various leave types, including non-statutory types like parent care leave, study leave and matrimonial leave, are provided. Staff and their dependents are covered by insurance and enjoy medical benefits. They also enjoy incentives like free access to the conservatories, as well as various Singapore tourist attractions.

Staff are also eligible for dental claims, flexible claims (for items that promote general health and well-being), and free health screenings.

Learning & Development

With people as one of our priorities, we advocate investment in training and staff upgrade. Gardens by the Bay provides a holistic learning and development framework for our staff, allowing them to enhance their professional competencies and knowledge through various learning platforms, including in-house and external training programmes, overseas exchange programmes with renowned international gardens, learning trips and training awards.

There are also opportunities for further studies on scholarship in a relevant field. Find out more about our Scholarship programme here!

Rewards & Recognition

When we do well, we want our staff to do well too. We reward good staff through various bonus schemes, and constantly benchmark our salary and rewards mechanisms against the market to stay relevant and competitive.

To show our appreciation, we have various awards like Long Service Award and Service Star Awards, as our way of giving our people a pat on the shoulder and saying, well done!

Staff Activities

So what do we do other than work? We have fun, and tonnes of it! Check out our various team bonding activities, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, Dinner and Dance, learning journeys, and informal get-togethers!

You shape your own path

At Gardens by the Bay, we are committed to provide our staff with the foundation to fuel their career growth. We aim to create an optimal environment for our people to grow in, and we nurture them based on their chosen path.

Hear from our staff


"It gives me immense satisfaction to be able to contribute my knowledge and skills towards this big family."

Gary Chua Liat Seng, Director (Horticultural Operations)


“Having a career at Gardens by the Bay is one of my fondest dreams turned into reality.”

Felicia Chua Wenxi, Senior Assistant Director (Gardens Operations)


“I am responsible for the nightly light and sound show at Supertree Grove, and I feel very accomplished when visitors go away feeling impressed!”

Ngo Zhi Hong, Assistant Manager (Engineering)


“It's a privilege to be able to organize events amid the magnificence of nature, and I'm satisfied when I see visitors enjoying our programmes.”

Teo Ying Er, Assistant Director (Festivals & Events)


“I have a challenging job that gives me the opportunity to learn new, unique skills and gain knowledge every day.”

Siti Nurziana Bte Yacob, Assistant Manager (Research & Horticulture)


“I am part of an energetic team and I look forward to growing with the Gardens!”

Ganesh Kumar Ramasundram, Assistant Manager (Attractions Operations)


“Providing customer service in a world-class attraction allows me to meet and learn from people all over the globe.”

Jocelin Yang Jingxia, Executive (Retail & Leasing)

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