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Floral Fantasy


  • In line with the advisory on 'gradual resumption of business activities in phases' announced by the Singapore Government, Floral Fantasy will be closed till further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Explore Floral Fantasy

Flight of the Dragonfly
Fantasy Theatre - 'Flight of the Dragonfly' 4D ride
Get ready to experience the 4D ride. Visitors embark on a simulated journey of a dragonfly's flight path through Gardens by the Bay to discover a whole new world of wonder.

(Height requirement: 1m and above)

Refer to Advisory for accessibility & height requirements



  • Be greeted by a lush, colourful tableau of flowering plants suspended from the ceiling, which move sinuously in mesmerising fashion at Dance, the first of the four garden landscapes of Floral Fantasy.



  • Encounter a bubbling brook (or stream) that meanders through grassy knolls in the second garden landscape Float.

Spring Rhapsody
Dance - Artists' Corner
29 Feb - 22 May 2020

  • Life blooms in spring. Spring Rhapsody celebrates a fantasy of sculptural, floral and landscape elements to the season’s delight.

    The creation is a series of ceramic sculptures in the form of enchanting garden creatures, set in the wonderful setting of Floral Fantasy and the larger expanse of a whimsical landscape. The hanging and standing ceramic sculptural elements are inspired by delightful insects such as butterflies, beetles and crickets in dreamlike forms that challenge our imagination. We integrate these with the paintwork of intricate details and Floral Fantasy’s display of floral elements for an imaginative, visual ensemble.

    Clay-based, the sculptures are of the earth, like the plants around them. The glazing applied to them give a range of colours, opacity and surface quality. Observe closely and you will find dreamlike and imaginative details, juxtaposed with features of flora, fauna and music. The scenic backdrop uses a FSC-certified wallpaper material and employs a print technology that is anti-bacteria, odourless and chemical free.

    The vivid colours and the aura of Spring are brought to life in this installation.

    Gardens by the Bay dedicates this installation to all medical and frontline workers in Singapore’s battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.
    This creation is a collaboration between Yuen Kum Cheong, Tan Chui Min and students of Raffles Institution (RI). 




  • Take a stroll down Waltz amidst a rain oasis and waterfalls of flowers among cascading rocks and winding driftwood. Imagine walking through a forest in the rain when you explore this garden landscape, and ponder about the fragility of our biodiversity. Spot the Poison Dart Frogs on display here; despite being tiny, they are hard to miss because of their brilliant colours.



  • Enter the last garden landscape, a cave-like space that is ringed with terraced rock formations, Drift. The semi-enclosed space is set aglow with soft lighting, creating an enthralling atmosphere.
A sneak preview into the world of Floral Fantasy

What's Blooming

Floral Fantasy showcases more than 3,000 plants of more than 150 species. Spot the ''fried eggs" & "Darth Vader" Begonias among some of the more curious plants when you are here! 

Begonia darthvaderiana

Begonia ‘Darth Vader’
(Begonia darthvaderiana)

  • Of all the curious begonias on display in the poison dart frog vivarium, the handsome dark foliage of the rare Darth Vader Begonia particularly stands out against the soft green of the moss walls. With jetblack leaves and lime green edges, it is no wonder this begonia was named after the iconic villain of Star Wars.


Fuschia cvr.

Fuschia cvr.

  • Hanging off the cavern wall is one of the Japanese Fuchsia hybrids. Unlike the usual cultivars of fuchsias with flowers that resemble dancing ladies, the drooping flowers of this hybrid resemble long pink trumpets with a red flare towards the tip.

Polyspora axillaris

Fried Egg Tree
(Polyspora axillaris)

  • This tree with the gastronomical name might seem rather unassuming, but if you take a closer look, you will notice clusters of flower buds nestled among its glossy spoon-shaped leaves. These buds eventually bloom into white flowers with yellow stamens that resemble an egg cooked sunny-side up!

‘Surfina Purple Vein’ Petunia

‘Surfina Purple Vein’ Petunia

  • While you might think of petunias as a common bedding plant, these 'Surfinia purple vein' petunias are extraordinary, with a delicate lacework of vibrant purple veins tracing the centre of each amethyst bloom.


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