Discover something new around every corner at the World of Plants. Venture into this realm of voluptuous greenery and learn all about the spectacular myriad of tropical plants and the eco-systems they support.

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Daily: 5.00am – 2.00am

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the Garden

Here’s a fascinating world waiting to be explored. Find out how plants disperse their seeds, how mushrooms benefit rainforest communities, and how plants adapt to adverse environments. Keep an eye out for some of the most primitive plants alive, too!

Number of Themed Gardens


The Cycads are located at


Located at World of Palms

Double Coconut Palm

Number of Plants

Over 24.500
Gardens by the bay

Secret Life of Trees

It’s not easy being a tree. Get literally inside a tree structure and learn how these green giants rise above challenges, to thrive in tropical countries like Singapore.

Gardens by the bay

World of Palms

Meet a colourful array of tropical lowland palms—each with a unique form, shape, and stature. Find out about the many uses of these incredibly versatile plants—for shelter, fruit, starch, and of course, oil.

Gardens by the bay


They thrive in dark, damp conditions and often go unnoticed, but decomposers actually play a vital role in ecology. At Understorey, uncover all about these amazing organisms—how they break down dead leaves, twigs and flowers to produce nutrients for the ecosystem.

Gardens by the bay

Fruits and Flowers

Brighten your day with an abundance of colour and life! Infuse your spirit with the sweet scents of blossoms in season and whet your appetite with tantalising fruits growing in this cheery garden.

Gardens by the bay

Web of Life

Don’t be surprised if you meet the “orangutan”, “pangolin”, and “hornbill”. The Web of Life features life-sized animal topiaries, impressively woven from fig. And with a diversity of fig species such as the Banyan Tree and Broad Leaf Fig, this lively garden is simply fig-tastic!

Gardens by the bay


Plants have their own stories to tell; some spanning over 500 million years of history. As you explore Discovery, look out for some of the oldest evolved plants in the world, including endemic species Afrocarpus gracilior (African fern tree), Encephalartos laurentianus (Kwango giant cycad), and Lepidozamia hopei (Hope's cycad)..


Connect with Nature with Gardens’ Audio Tour

Tour the outdoor gardens in comfort on board the Garden Cruiser Audio Tour. Featuring an engaging audio commentary, this 20-minute ride brings visitors to various places of interest at Bay South Garden and introduces some unusual flora encountered along the way. 

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