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Sakura Matsuri:
Tale of the Peach Boy Floral Display

Witness the blossoming of spring at Sakura Matsuri – Tale of the Peach Boy as the Flower Dome transforms into a Japanese springtime landscape. Follow the adventures of the legendary Momotaro, a boy born from a peach, and meet the three adorable warriors that fought alongside him. Amidst a quaint backdrop featuring Gassho-style farmhouses with their distinctive, steep thatched roofs, a Japanese tea house and the quintessential torii gates, take in the ephemeral beauty of over 20 varieties of cherry and peach blossoms in this one-of-a-kind floral display.


  • Fri, 6 Mar 2020 - Sun, 5 Apr 2020

  • 9:00am - 9:00pm

  • Flower Dome

  • Admission charge to Flower Dome applies



Admire the fleeting beauty of sakura centrepieces in kumiko planters and immerse yourself in traditional Japanese architecture at the Gassho village set amidst over 20 varieties of cherry blossom trees. Under the canopy of peach blossoms, you will find yourself reliving the tale of the peach boy through chibi-style illustrations of the classic Momotaro folklore!

Sakura and Momo

  • Over 300 sakura trees make up the Sakura Matsuri - Tale of the Peach Boy floral display. A member of the Rose family - Rosaceae, the ornamental cherry trees that produce the ephemeral sakuras fall under the genus Prunus, which also includes peach, plum and apricot.

    The trees display various growing habits and come in different shapes and forms. Having dramatic drooping branches that descend to the ground, it is no wonder that the weeping cherry blossoms are the more popular and common form found in Japan! Other forms include columnar, pyramidal, and vase-shaped ones.

    Besides cherry blossoms, this year's floral display also features 200 peach blossoms (commonly known as momo in Japan), which belong to the same family as sakuras.
  • Differentiating momo from sakura

  • One simple way is to observe the shape of the petals! There is a slight cleft at the tip of each cherry blossom petal, while those of peach blossoms are teardrop-shaped.

    Another method is to observe the attachment of the blooms to the branches. Cherry blossoms flower in a cluster that is attached to a long stem that extends from the branch. Peach blossoms, on the other hand, have fewer blooms along very short stems that extend from its branches.

Interesting Varieties of blossoms

Prunus 'Accolade'

  • A recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society, Prunus ‘Accolade’ is regarded as one of the most attractive ornamental cherries with beautiful, double shell-pink flowers that emerge from dark pink buds. Blooming in drooping clusters, it providesa magnificent floral display, even on its own!

Genpei shidare momo

  • A peach blossom variety in weeping form, with pendulous branches and flowers of two different colours – red and white – growing on the same plant.

Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'

  • A type of weeping Higan cherry, has pale pink, almost white flowers that cover its branches in spring. This often makes the tree look like it is covered in snow!

Prunus 'Yedoensis'

  • Also known as the Yoshino Cherry, this is a Japanese favourite with classic white flowers that have five petals. A popular cherry tree in Japan, it is found in gardens, parks and as a street tree from Hokkaido to Kyushu. It is sensitive to urban pollution.
<i>Prunus</i> persica
Prunus persica
The peach tree, Prunus persica, not only bears juicy fruits but also produces beautiful flowers with a pleasant fragrance in early to mid-spring that last for about two weeks.

They have double-flowering peach blossoms, with huge flowers in colours ranging from white to red.

  • DID YOU KNOW? Signalling the onset of spring, the cherry blossom season symbolises a time of renewal, bringing hope and new dreams at the beginning of the Japanese calendar year.

Catch a glimpse of our Sakuras

Momotaro, the Peach Boy

  • Momotaro, a boy born from a giant peach, is a classic Japanese folklore that is shared with the young on the commendable bravery, power, and filial piety of the main character.

    Delight in the tales of adventure and friendship of Momotaro and his three animal friends – the dog, the monkey and the pheasant, as you wander through the peach forest.


  • Unique to Japanese construction, kumiko is a refined and sophisticated technique of putting together wooden pieces without the use of nails. Precise and intricate, the woodwork is applied to sliding doors, paper screen frames and decorative windowpanes of traditional Japanese houses.

Gassho-style Farmhouses

  • The Gassho-style farmhouses located in the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama are famous for their distinctive, steep thatched roofs that are specially designed to withstand heavy snowfall experienced in the region. Its name, gassho, means ‘to join one’s hands in prayer’.

Torii Gates

  • Traditionally made of wood or stone, a torii gate is usually painted vermillion with a black upper lintel. The colour is said to protect against evil, misfortune and calamity. At times, the structure could also be left unpainted. Often found at the entrance of a Shinto shrine, it marks the transition from the profane to the sacred.


  • An age-old practice in Japan, hanami literally translates to 'flower viewing', a celebration of spring and cherry blossoms. It can take the form of a stroll in the park or setting up a picnic under a blooming cherry blossom tree. Start your hanami tradition at Sakura Matsuri and snap beautiful photos here to share your experience with your loved ones.
    Tag #SakuraMatsuriGBB to show us your best shot!

Stages of blossoms from Bud to Bloom

Every stage in the growth of the sakura is spectacular in its own way.
Follow our official Telegram channel for the latest updates on the state of flowering before you visit!

Developing Buds

As the buds swell and approach their full size, florets appear and begin to grow longer.

Surfacing Florets

The florets begin to acquire colour – combinations of deep and bright pink – and the flower stalk lengthens.

Flowers in Bloom

The florets throw open their petals fully. At this point, they are known as blossoms.

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