Re-imagining Tomorrow: A LASALLE Product Design Showcase

Re-imagining Tomorrow presents design solutions to the general public that rethink the way we live, consume and care for self and others. The programme aims to showcase outcomes of fruitful partnerships between industry and institutes of higher learning for holistic and foresight-oriented design education. The key objectives of sustainability, connectivity and smart use of technology are integrated into project briefs in consultation with industry experts and lecturers. As Singapore moves towards her Sustainable Development Goals, emphasis on design solutions is placed on how products can be interoperable in increasingly complex product and consumer landscapes.

Re-imagining Tomorrow: A LASALLE Product Design Showcase
Date & Time

Thu, 21 Sep - Sun, 1 Oct 2023

9.00am - 9.00pm



Free Admission


Foyer beside Main Ticketing Counter (Outside Flower Dome)