Trail Activity

Calvin the caterpillar has lost his shoes, and it’s up to you to find them all! Join him on a mission at the Supertree Grove as you solve puzzles and find clues to his missing shoes. Pick up your free event booklet, complete all 6 puzzles to obtain 'shoe' stamps to reveal his favourite hideout, and redeem an exclusive Children's Festival 2023 sticker sheet!

Date & Time

Sat, 10 Jun - Sun, 25 Jun 2023

10.00am - 7.00pm


Activity Fee


Booklet Collection & Sticker Redemption 

North Colonnade, 
Information & Booklet Collection counter


Sneak Peek of Puzzles

Gardens by the bay

Kingfisher Wetlands Hunt

Can you find the missing shoe that is lost in the Kingfisher Wetlands? Circle it when you spot it!

Gardens by the bay

I Spy

Help to group and count the busy honey bees of the same family based on their shapes and colours, and they will help you find Calvin's lost shoe!

Gardens by the bay

Connecting the Dots

Connect the dots to find out who might know where the missing shoe is!


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