Hang out. Connect. Enjoy togetherness.

The all-new Active Garden embodies Gardens by the Bay’s vision of being a 'People’s Garden’.  

Designed to bring together people of all ages and all walks of life, Active Garden is our latest outdoor social hub where there is something for everyone. The perfect playground for the young or young at heart, this is an ideal communal space for people across generations to relax and bond in a lush, waterfront setting. Pets are welcome, too!

Opening Hours

Daily: 5.00am – 2.00am



Nearest Carpark

Bayfront Plaza Carpark
Main Entrance Carpark

Shuttle Service

Alight at the Active Garden drop off point 

Connect with people and nature

Enjoy quality time with your loved ones as you bask in sunshine and nature’s company. Equipped with a host of complimentary and user-friendly facilities, including an outdoor gym, interactive musical playground, communal garden, expansive event lawns and a pet-friendly café, Active Garden is set to be your family’s next stomping ground!

Size of Active Garden

1.0 hectare (10,000sqm) 

Environmental Sustainability is our priority

BCA Green Mark Platinum Award


Designed to be barrier-free 

Multi-generational fitness and musical playground

Outdoor Fitness Gym

Health is wealth, no matter what your age is. This well-equipped gym supports your fitness goals with a knee-lift high bar, flat bench, body-curl bench, spring-up board—and organic vitamin D to boot.

Musical Playground

Music is a universal language. Enjoy collaborative fun at the musical playground, where people of all ages and abilities can come together to create unique soundscapes with the xylophone, drum set, as well as other percussion instruments!

Communal Gardening Space

Community Garden

Active Garden is home to our first outdoor Community Garden, where some 50 kinds of edible plants, ranging from herbs and vegetables to fruit trees, are grown and cared for by our volunteers. These crops are harvested and used in a series of interactive, educational public workshops conducted at Active Garden, as part of our efforts to encourage greater interest in home gardening. 

Recreation and Activity Venues

Waterfront Plaza

Sheltered as it is open, the Waterfront Plaza is the perfect al fresco event venue. Host memorable weddings and dinner-and-dance events at this breezy location, with scenic views of the expansive Marina Bay Reservoir and the verdant Gardens as your backdrop.

Open to the public for free. Available for event-booking.

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Ficus Room

This multi-purpose space is perfect for corporate events and activities like seminars, workshops, product launches, and more!

Available for event-booking.

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Moongate Lawn

Set along the waterfront, the Moongate Lawn is a great choice of venue for all sorts of recreational activities.

Featuring the iconic Moongate sculpture, this lush, open lawn is the ideal space for that romantic outdoor movie date under the stars or a cosy weekend family picnic.

Open to the public for free. Available for event-booking.


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Sensory Trail


Connecting Bayfront Plaza and Active Garden, this shaded path is lined with trees and herbs to pique and delight your senses of smell as well as sight.


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