Important Notice

Thank you for your interest in joining our Gardens by the Bay Guide Programme. Guide recruitment is currently closed and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For any queries, kindly contact us at  

Join us as a Guide

If you have the knowledge and experience in sharing about biodiversity, plants and sustainability with members of public, join us as a guide to raise awareness and inspire visitors to take action for the environment. 


What's involved?

  • Engage participants to share about concepts related to biodiversity, ecology and climate change, sustainable features and plants in the Gardens through curated guided walks.
  • Take attendance, manage group and facilitate participants’ entry to conservatories where necessary.
  • Facilitate feedback gathering at the end of the session.


Guides will be required to undergo training and assessment for each of the tour route before guiding visitors. After the assessment, guides will be paid based on GB's prevailing per hour rates for guides, and have to sign up to guide for at least one 1 date per quarter. 


What's required?

  • Prior experience in conducting public tours on the topics of biodiversity, plants, sustainability and climate change.
  • Ability to identify common plants and biodiversity is an advantage.
  • Interest for natural environment.