What's Your Plant Personality?

The plants you choose can say a lot about you :) Here is a list of plants for 10 types of people! 

This is one for the entomophobe

If the sight of a worm or other creepy-crawlies sends you screaming from the room, this plant might be the one for you!

Tillandsias or airplants are epiphytic in nature, which means that they grow on tree trunks and branches naturally; without requiring soil to grow. No soil means no places for creepy crawlies to hide! Airplants are happy to be placed artistically on a piece of rock or wood, or just hung on a cool frame near a window

For the one who has killed every plant

We all know that one friend who has killed almost every plant! What plant can you give them as a gift? Try a Snake Plant (Sansevieria) or the humble money plant (Epipremnum), both of which come in a variety of interesting leaf shapes and patterns!

Both plants are extremely tolerant to different light conditions from the sunniest windowsills to the darkest corners of the bathroom, and can tolerate irregular watering schedules of the forgetful owner!

For the one who has a heavy watering hand

If you have smothered many a plant to death with too much loving (or watering), here are some plants for you! 

Mossy terrariums or marimo moss balls kept in stylish glass bottles are great! You could also consider plants with wet feet like the Homalomena rubescens or even semi-aquatic plants such as the Creeping Burrhead or Spade-leaf plant (Echinodorus cordifolius) with pretty white flowers. 

For the one who loves to instagram 

In search of that photogenic plant to match the moment? Try philodendrons or monsteras – they will always add drama to your Instagram feed due to their magnificent big leaves, interesting shapes and fenestrations!

For the one who travels a lot

Looking for fuss-free plants that will not be reduced to shrivelled brown messes upon your return? You could choose from a variety of cactii, or the sculptural pencil cactus (Euphorbia tirucalli, which is not really a cactus)!

For the one with pets that love to nom on your plants

If your pets love to nibble on your plants, Boston ferns (Nephrolepis exaltata) and spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are non-toxic plants that you might want to consider having around your house. They are safe for pets and add a splash of green while being relatively easy to care for!

For the one who has absolutely no floor space

Short of Marie-Kondo-ing your space to make way for plants, try a hanging plant with a macramé holder that will really bring a little vertical green décor into your home! Plants with leaves that will fall beautifully from a hanging planter include philodendrons (like Philodendron adansonii), Satin pothos (Scindapsus pictus variegated) or the humble but varied money plant. 

For the one who loves a practical plant (i.e. the one who wants more than just a pretty plant)

Try your hand at keeping edible plants that you can incorporate into your recipes. Easy ones to start with are pandan plants, calamansi lime plants and chili plants, which are readily available at local nurseries and market plant shops! You can also be more adventurous by harvesting the seeds and planting them!

For the one who can’t get over the vibes from their last tropical holiday

You can have a piece of Bali right inside your home! Choose from a range of shade-loving palms of different sizes (like the parlour palm Chamaedorea elegans) to create your own permanent staycation!

For the one who misses the kampong life 

Feeling nostalgic for the days of old kampong life? Here are some plants that can bring sweet memories of those days. Banana plants can be quite an architectural addition to the home. The hibiscus is also a beautiful plant that used to adorn kampong homes. Fruit trees such as guava, starfruit and chiku are able to bear fruit even when the plant is compact, and can be found in many local nurseries now. And just for fun, keep a little pot of mimosa plant (or touch-me-not), a plant that used to keep us entertained for hours in the school field! 

This article is contributed by Gardens by the Bay's Design and Development Team