Pimp my Plants: Our Plant Styling Tips

Have you always wanted to style your plants but didn’t know how or where to start? :) Here are some quick little tips on using your plants to add a designer vibe to your home!

Some basic starting tips:

1. Choose pots of varying heights and proportions, to give interest and complexities to your plant arrangements

2. Use elements such as wooden benches, stools or metal stands to help elevate some pots and create a varied “skyline” for your plant corner!


A quick and easy way to get your plants looking cohesive would be to decide on a colour theme (basic whites or creams, shades of greys and blacks are safe choices). This would instantly produce a clean modern feel to any home. Pick a colour that is already present in your home (for example, the black accents of your shelves, the greys of your sofa or the warm hues of your wooden sideboard) for a more cohesive effect. Choose pots of varying heights, proportions or patterns. Adding some glassware or muted gold elements would also create interesting contrast!


Choosing woven or natural materials for your outer plant pot (like a seagrass or a rattan-like basket) would instantly create this relaxed island ambience in your home. Combining natural wood textures in the form of shelves or benches, an interesting fabric rug or throw with organic hues, or even a statement woven lamp, helps to bring it all together with a zen–like feel.


For the more adventurous amongst you, a careful mix of pot colours, textures or patterns can create a quirky look that can be unique and visually arresting! Picking a few pots that could pass off as museum art pieces, or randomly mixing a few teapots and cups that were not meant as plant pots, help to introduce a playful vibe.

How then do you tie all of it together? You can pick pot colours that are already present in the foliage of your plants (like olive green hues), or wooden materials that complement your furniture. Match those with neutrals like whites or shades of grey to achieve a cohesive but interesting look. Having a rich wall colour as a backdrop also helps to bring all the different elements and colours together is a dramatic way! 

And most importantly, have fun!

These are some guidelines to styling your plants but remember to just have fun and express your own unique point of view! 

What if I have a Black Thumb? 

Not to worry, all is not lost! Through the simple use of warm woody pieces such as a statement lamp or a natural wood coffee table; green patterns on cushions or stylish throws, graphic posters and framed photographs or even a lowmaintenance sprig of dried flowers or leaves in an artistic glass vase, you can also introduce the gardenesque feel into your home - sans plants!

This article is contributed by Gardens by the Bay's Design and Development Team