Floral Fantasy

Nature, artistry and technology come together to create magic in Floral Fantasy. A myriad of cut flowers, live plants and preserved flowers can be viewed as you make your way through this fantastical experience.


This graceful floating garden features a curtain of hanging flowers swaying gently from above. There are more than 15,000 cut flowers displayed in Dance at any one time and the colour palette changes periodically!


The soothing sound of the babbling brook helps to rest your mind as your eyes feast on the quiet beauty of the temperate trees and shrubs that line the waterway. Admire the twisting, weeping and miniature forms of the trees on display. /p>


The sheets of water and natural light seem to move in step as you meander through this rainforest-inspired artisan garden. The cascading landscape of rocks, driftwood, vines, orchids and bromeliads almost lulls you into thinking that you are in the outdoors!


Walk through the mist to enter the cave. This extraordinary setting swathed with mosses and ferns simulates the ethereal light emitted by the glow worms found in caves in New Zealand and Australia. Let Floral Fantasy take you into a whole other world the next time you visit Gardens by the Bay.

Written by: Stephanie Dhillon, Assistant Director (Education, Programming & Events)

Stephanie is apparently a millennial but feels more like a Gen-Xer. She spends most of her days designing education programmes for the young and young at heart and the rest of her time running after her brood of children.

This article is part of our Guide to the Gardens series.