Coffee Chats - Grace Yang

Get to know Grace Yang, Assistant Manager (Gardens Operations) today!

Chad Davis, Deputy Director (Cloud Forest, Conservatory Operations)

Grace is responsible for ensuring that the plants at Heritage Gardens are in good health. She also oversees a team of staff who manage and maintain the themed gardens’ landscaping and liaises with other departments to introduce new elements to it to enhance the Gardens.

As a horticulturist, what do you like most about your role?

I like the fact that I get to take care of an important asset of the Gardens, the plants. Having the opportunity to learn more about them every day, and how they react to the environment, their signs of happiness (blooming flowers, lush leaves) or stress sometimes. I also love to engage visitors and share with them the beauty of our plants.

Having been with the Gardens for several years, you must have a favourite spot. Share a special aspect of the Gardens with us

love the lookout point at the Chinese Garden that oversees the 3 Supertrees and also the lake system. That spot is well-shaded by big ficus trees; it is pretty relaxing to just sit there with your hair blowing from the gentle breeze and listening to the rustling leaves especially on a warm afternoon at the Gardens.

Work aside, if you had a day to yourself, where would you go to unwind and what would you do?

If I had a day to myself, I would go cafe hopping with a few good friends as I really enjoy hanging out with them. I would also spend the time hunting down nice and cosy places for yummy food!

If you spot Grace on her rounds at Heritage Gardens, approach her for a chat – she’d be delighted to share a part of the Gardens with you!


Information for this article was adapted from Faces by the Bay by Ching Yi Aw, published in the Baywatch Magazine (November-December 2018).

Written by: Beverly Ho, Senior Manager (Volunteers, Programming)

In her down time, Beverly can be found immersed in craftwork and gardening, or eyes glued to a thriller/ sci-fi movie/ novel! She enjoys cooking, singing, photography, gaming on her PS4 and just that bit of simple sports… since the limbs are now a lot less flexible with age.

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