Heritage Gardens - Chinese Garden

Traditionally, a classic Chinese-themed garden is designed to emulate the natural landscape, with decorative rocks representing mountains and water features symbolising rivers or lakes. The Chinese Garden here is no different – look out for interestingly-sculptured rocks resembling a rabbit and a hammer when you visit!

A circular moon-shaped opening in the garden wall known as a “moon gate” is another distinctive feature that frames an inviting view and beckons one to explore the space beyond it.

Curious about some plants at the Chinese Garden? Check them out here!

Weeping Tea Tree

Although unrelated, the weeping tea tree is often mistaken for the weeping willow with its long pendulous branches and narrowly-linear leaves. It has a distinctive peeling bark, woody capsular fruits and bears very small, but abundant white flowers.

Tree Jasmine (Peep Thong)

Native to Thailand, this medium to large-size tree has an attractive bushy foliage with bi-pinnate and shiny leaves. The striking orange tubular flowers grow from the trunk and branches and are prized for their sweet jasmine-like fragrance.

Chinese Perfume Plant

A perennial shrub that can grow to 3 metres tall, its leaves are a glossy green while its flowers resemble small, yellow balls which do not open but emit a lovely citrus scent in the day. In traditional medicine, its flowers, leaves and roots are used as a tonic to relieve rheumatic pains, swelling and superficial infections.

Spot these plants on your next visit to the Indian Garden!

Written by: Choo E-Hui, Manager (Partnerships, Programming)

E-Hui likes the simplicity of her name. Don’t ask her why it's spelled as such or attempt to shorten it further without the hyphen. She will get a little annoyed (just so you know!). In her own time, she enjoys tennis though feels she's just a mediocre player.

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