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What's Blooming

There's always something to marvel about around our lush landscape. Learn more of our blooming highlights in the Gardens!


Feature date: 12 NOV 2020

Do you know the flowers of the Mexican marigold (Tagetes erecta) are deeply rooted in Indian culture? Introduced to India by Portuguese traders in the late 16th century, marigolds have become a quintessential part of India’s culture, strung into garlands and used as offerings in daily rituals, festivals, and weddings! Find these vibrant orange and yellow blooms in Flower Dome’s Flower Field display in perfect timing for Deepavali celebrations!

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Feature date: 14 Oct 2020
Would you believe this huge plant can grow either as an epiphyte or a terrestrial plant? Cochliostema odoratissimum is a member of the spiderwort family (Commelinaceae). Catch this impressive species in bloom on the Cloud Forest mountain!

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What's Blooming - Sweet Osmanthus (Osmanthus Fragrans)


Feature date: 30 Sep 2020
What’s the perfect mid-autumn snack to complement sweet, rich mooncakes? Fragrant osmanthus tea and osmanthus cakes, of course!  Have you ever wondered what osmanthus looks like in real life and how it became associated with Mid-Autumn Festival?

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What's Blooming - Big Blue Salvia (Salvia longispicata x farinacea)


Feature date: 2 Sep 2020
Did you know that Big Blue Salvia is an award-winning, new cultivar? It is prized for its long, showy spikes of brilliant purple-blue flowers and a hardy, vigorous growth habit! Find this unusual blue-flowered shrub in the Flower Field display, interspersed with the sunflowers in front of the castle.

Click here to learn more about this award-winning cultivar.

What's Blooming - Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus

Silver Buttonwood
(Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus)

Feature date: 19 Aug 2020
Shining silver under the hot sun, or glimmering pale grey through an afternoon downpour, the silver buttonwood (Conocarpus erectus var. sericeus) is effortlessly elegant no matter what the weather! A downy coating of fine hairs on its leaves reflects light, giving the foliage of this ornamental tree its namesake grey-green glow!

Click here to learn more about this silvery accent tree and its surprising natural habitat.

What's Blooming - Utricularia spp.

(Utricularia spp.)

Feature date: 12 Aug 2020
Did you know that all bladderworts are carnivorous? These dainty flowers belongs to the bladderwort (Utricularia bisquamata). Small bladders on the underground stems and roots trap tiny insects that are digested and absorbed as nutrients by the plant!

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What's Blooming - Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim

Vanda Miss Joaquim
(Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim)

Feature date: 5 Aug 2020
Did you know that Singapore is the only country in the world to have an orchid hybrid, Vanda Miss Joaquim (Papilionanthe Miss Joaquim), as its national flower? Chosen in 1981 to be Singapore’s national flower for its vibrant colours and resilience, qualities that reflect the Singapore spirit, this gorgeous multi-coloured orchid was bred right here in Singapore and named in honour of its breeder, Agnes Joaquim (1854 – 1899), an avid gardener and orchid breeder.

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What's Blooming - Ceiba speciosa

Silk Floss Tree
(Ceiba Speciosa)

Feature date: 17 Jun 2020
Would you believe all these bright, pink flowers belong to the same tree species? The silk floss tree (Ceiba speciosa) hides an amazing diversity of floral colours and forms. Spot them near the Floral Clock!

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What's Blooming - Bixa orellana

Lipstick TRee
(Bixa orellana)

Feature date: 3 Jun 2020
  • Marina Gardens Drive

Did you know that annatto, an extract from the seeds of the lipstick tree (Bixa orellana), is used as a colouring agent for foods, fibres, and even cosmetics? You’ve likely eaten butter, margarine, or cheese coloured with annatto before! Its usage can be traced back to the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations! Find this eye-catching shrub along the Garden’s lake perimeter along Marina Gardens Drive.

Click here to learn more about this eye-catching shrub.

What's Blooming - Anthurium Andreanum

Flamingo Lily
(Anthurium Andreanum Cultivars)

Feature date: 20 May 2020
Known as the flamingo lily for its pink or red leaf-like spathe and long yellow spadix holding hundreds of teensy-tiny florets, Anthurium andreanum hybrids can do double duty as outdoor bedding plants and indoor houseplants!  But what are those little bumps on some of the spadices?  They are actually developing fruits - tiny, inedible, miniature berries.  Find them in the shady border beds of the Supertree Grove.

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What's Blooming - Gardenia Mutabilis

Golden Gardenia
(Gardenia Mutabilis)

Feature date: 13 May 2020
Did you know that ‘mutabilis’ means 'changeable' in reference to this flower’s color, which changes from creamy white to yellow, to deep orange as the flower ages? Find the golden gardenia, Gardenia mutabilis, at the Scented Walk!

Click here to learn more about this colour-changing gardenia!

What's Blooming - Lantana camara

(Lantana camara Cultivars.)

Feature date: 6 May 2020
Often overlooked as an old-fashioned shrub, the colourful bunches of lantana (Lantana camara) flowers attract not only butterflies, but birds and bees too! Find them in the Fruits & Flowers garden, where the morning is the best time to visit for a glimpse of all the friendly garden creatures hovering over these rainbow-hued flowers!

Click here to learn more about this colourful perennial shrub species!

What's Blooming - Musa haekkinenii

Musa haekkinenii

Feature date: 29 Apr 2020
Did you know that not all banana plants produce tasty, yellow fruits? Some banana species, like Musa haekkinenii, produce bright, eye-catching flowers! Find this ornamental wild banana in the Fruits and Flowers garden!

Click here to learn more about this flowering ornamental banana species!

What's Blooming - Tiger Orchid

Tiger Orchid
(Grammatophyllum speciosum)

Feature date: 15 Apr 2020
Did you know the magnificent Tiger Orchid may only bloom once every 2-4 years?

Don’t worry — we’ve captured this Supertree Grove beauty in full bloom for everyone working from home!

Click here to learn more about this record-making native Singapore species!

What's Blooming - Scented Daphne

Scented Daphne
(Phaleria clerodendron)

Feature date: 8 Apr 2020
Out for a breath of fresh air, but wait, is that pineapple and coconut you're smelling?

With a floral fragrance similar to piña coladas, the Scented Daphne (Phaleria clerodendron) is in mass bloom all over the Gardens! Native to the tropical forests of Queensland, this small tree produces clusters of fragrant, white, tubular flowers directly on its trunk and branches. The glossy red fruit, though alluring, may be toxic, so don't pluck them!

Stroll past stands of these trees at The Meadow border beds and Understory Garden at World of Plants - our Outdoor Gardens are still open to everyone!

What's Blooming - Dendrobium leonis

Lion-like Dendrobium
(Dendrobium leonis)

Feature date: 1 Apr 2020
Rawr! Do you see an animal in this orchid's form? The lion-like dendrobium, Dendrobium leonis, bears a tiny, vanilla-scented lion-headed flower on the ends of each cane or stalk.

Unlike other Dendrobium species immediately recognizable by their fleshy sparse-leaved canes, this Indo-Chinese and West Malesia species has flat canes with pleasingly patterned scale-like alternating leaves.

Find this lion perched on one of the Malay Garden's plumeria trees!

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