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Youths Celebrate! 2019

Watch Supertree Grove transform into an enchanting neon jungle at this year’s youth festival, Youths Celebrate! Snap pictures of neon light installations and enjoy a host of exciting programmes from movie screenings and performances to upcycling workshops. Don’t forget to drop by the neon night market for interesting offerings, and the fun zone where you get to experience games and activities amidst vivid neon lights.


  • Fri, 18 Oct 2019 - Sun, 27 Oct 2019

  • 4.00pm - 11.00pm

  • Supertree Grove, Bayfront Plaza & Colonnade

  • Programmes are free unless otherwise indicated.


LED Percussionists

  • Watch out for flashy lights and thundery sounds! Join in the fun and dance along as the energetic LED percussionists move from Golden Garden to Supertree Grove.
  • 18, 25 - 27 Oct
  • 18 Oct
    8.00pm, 9.00pm


    25 - 27 Oct

  • Golden Garden to Supertree Grove

Movie Screening:
Remi, Nobody's Boy (PG)

  • Raised by a kind peasant woman after being found as a baby, ten-year-old Remi is brutally taken from his adopted mother and sold by her husband to Signor Vitalis, an old travelling street musician with a shadowy past. Remi sets off on a long journey through France with his new master, their faithful dog Capi and mischievous monkey Mister Joli-Cœur. Together, they must face unexpected meetings, adventures, and challenges to uncover the secret of the boy’s origins.
  • This programme is part of Voilah! France Singapore Festival and presented with the support of the Embassy of France.
  • 20 Oct
  • 5.30pm - 7.15pm
  • Supertree Grove

The Bear's Mouth

Gueule d’Ours (The Bears' Mouth)

  • It is a fascinating journey through time. A horde of illuminated bears move around accompanied by extravagant dancers. A charming Master of Ceremonies walks on stilts and guides the whole procession. Travelers without borders, they migrate from town to town carrying the show on their shoulders. A strange caravan emerges in the street resembling the beginning of the century. Town criers, peddlers, street elixir sellers, acrobats and bear tamers get together to offer a sublime dance. These fascinating giants bring to you dreams and surprises. The graceful ballet offers an incredible discovery and an unbelievable encounter.
  • This programme is part of Voilah! France Singapore Festival and presented with the support of the Embassy of France.
  • 19 - 20 Oct
  • 7.00pm, 9.00pm
  • Golden Garden to Supertree Grove

Dance Roulette

  • Dance Roulette is a cross-disciplinary, interactive, spontaneous initiative that combines dance, music and luck to create explosives works of art. Expect the unexpected as we bring various dance genres, including Street, Contemporary and Latin, together with various instruments, such as the cajon and violin, to create improvised performance pieces!
  • This programme is part of Got to Move, a nationwide dance movement by the National Arts Council, supported by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).


    Gardens by the Bay is part of the National Arts Council’s Arts and Culture Nodes Network.

  • 26 Oct
  • 5.00pm - 5.45pm
  • Supertree Grove

Moonlight Cinema

The inaugural Moonlight Cinema kicked off to an exceptional reception last year!

Running from 25 - 27 Oct 2019, Moonlight Cinema returns with three films that promise to delight: American comedy-drama Empire Records (1995), French drama film The Chorus (2004), and award-winning Indian musical drama Secret Superstar (2017).

Join us for a night-out under the stars with these stories of dreams-chasing journeys and musical treats in anticipation of the 30th SGIFF end-November.

This programme is presented by Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).

Empire Records (USA)

  • Joe (Anthony LaPaglia) runs Empire Records, an independent Delaware store that employs a tight-knit group of music-savvy youths. Hearing that the shop may be sold to a big chain, slacker employee (Roy Cochrane) bets a chunk of the store's money at the local casino, hoping to get a big return. When the plan fails, Empire Record falls into serious trouble, and the various other clerks, including lovely Corey (Liv Tyler) and gloomy Deb (Robin Tunney), must deal with the problem, among many other issues.


    Film by Allan Moyle (USA / 1995 / 90 minutes)

  • 25 Oct
  • 9.00pm
  • Supertree Grove Lawn

Secret Superstar (India)

  • The story of Secret Superstar is set in the town of Vadodara (Baroda) in Gujarat, India. Insia Malik (Zaira Wasim), a 15-year-old Indian Muslim girl, lives with her mother Najma (Meher Vij), younger brother Guddu, and an overbearing father Farookh (Raj Arjun). To fulfil her musical dream, Insia, a talented teenage singer-songwriter, must conceal her passion from her father who is against her dream of becoming a singer. But to save her mother, she might just have to sacrifice everything.


    Film by Advait Chandan (India / 2017 / 150 minutes)

  • 27 Oct
  • 9.00pm
  • Supertree Grove Lawn

The Chorus (France)

  • Pierre is an aimless child at an austere boarding school in France. The students and faculty are constantly at odds with one another, until a music teacher, Clément Mathieu, arrives and starts a choir. Clément - who has troubles of his own - tries to change the reactionary policies of the school, choosing instead to encourage his students. His efforts have a particular impact on Pierre, who shows great musical promise. The Chorus outsold even Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at the French box office. It’s the little French film that could.


    Film by Christophe Barratier (France / Germany / Switzerland / 2004 / 96 minutes)

  • 26 Oct
  • 9.00pm
  • Supertree Grove Lawn

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