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Pocket Gardens Surprise

We are thrilled to welcome visitors back to Flower Dome with Pocket Gardens Surprise! Explore the various nooks and crannies around Flower Dome as these changing mini garden displays are introduced throughout Flower Dome every fortnight

The first mini garden of our Pocket Gardens Surprise is Edible Garden.

This October, take respite amidst the luscious shades of green of An Urban Oasis. Don't forget to dive into the world of the versatile epiphytic plants with our Plant Library, and explore different garden styles to add A Bit of England in your home garden.

Event Details

  • Please note that Flower Dome has resumed its normal operating hours from 9.00am to 9.00pm (last admission at 8.30pm).

  • Edible Garden (Flower Field): Ongoing
    An Urban Oasis (The Baobabs): 5 Oct - 1 Nov 2020
    Plant Library (South American Garden): 12 Oct - 8 Nov 2020
    A Bit of England (Flower Dome entrance): 26 Oct - 22 Nov 2020

  • 9.00am - 9.00pm (last admission at 8.30pm)

  • Flower Dome

  • Admission charge to Flower Dome applies

Discover our Mini-Gardens

Be immersed in our various themed mini-gardens all around Flower Dome!


An Urban Oasis

  • 5 Oct - 1 Nov 2020
  • The Baobabs, Flower Dome
  • Make your way into an urban oasis and take respite amidst the luscious shades of green and sweet floral scents.

    The sight of the brilliantly coloured macaws instantly captures our attention, as do the beautiful blooms of the bamboo orchid, a native species that is used extensively in the landscapes of our metropolitan city-state. Man is innately attracted to nature and seeks to make connections with other life forms. This affinity with the natural world is known as “biophilia”, meaning “a love of life” in Greek.

    The transformation from a Garden City to City in a Garden and the movement towards City in Nature have seen the integration of biophilic design into our concrete jungle. Treelined streets, skyrise greenery and world-class gardens and parks that teem with a diversity of flora and fauna are a reflection of how Singapore has successfully incorporated nature and its ecosystem into the urban fabric, integrating both harmoniously. These efforts have not only increased biodiversity in the city, but also influenced the way we work and play. Come see how some local artists showcase their interpretation of nature digitally on the new Galaxy Tab S7+, and view how these artworks seamlessly blend into nature.

    Redesign your work and living spaces by simply introducing some plants! Beyond their aesthetic value, plants also create a restorative environment to engage our senses, promote emotional and mental well-being, and boost productivity. Jam-packed with design and therapeutic benefits, it is no surprise that many have been drawn to nurture their green fingers whilst working from home! If you’re new to introducing nature to your home or workspace, a good starter option would be the air plant, a low maintenance houseplant that can be used as a table centrepiece or hanging ornament. Alternatively, the use of cut flowers like the exotic birds of paradise seen on display can liven up your space effortlessly!

  • An Urban Oasis is presented by Samsung which hopes to “Inspire the World, Create the Future”. It aims to showcase how nature can be integrated into our work and home spaces and inspire us to create our very own green sanctuary, an oasis of calm and rest amidst our hectic lifestyles in our urban city. Find out more about the Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G here.


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