Rhythm of Mongolia

Experience Mongolia’s vibrant culture at Mongolian Week, presented by Gardens by the Bay in collaboration with the Embassy of Mongolia in Singapore.

Immerse in the art of throat singing – one of the world's oldest musical forms, by multi-talented musician Shinetsog-Geni Dorjnyam as he plays the horsehead fiddle, a traditional Mongolian stringed instrument. Be enthralled by Khulan Serdamba, a 16-year-old contortionist from the Mongolian steppe, offering a glimpse into the human physique's remarkable capabilities; and marvel at the exceptional visual artistry of master calligrapher Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir.

Rhythm of Mongolia
Date & Time

Sat, 30 Sep - Sun, 1 Oct 2023

2.00pm, 4.00pm



Programmes are free


Flower Field Hall 


Girl from Steppe (Khulan Serdamba)

Enjoy captivating Mongolian contortion performances by 16-year-old contortionist Khulan Serdamba, who embodies both physical prowess and the cultural essence of this tradition. An artistic representation of girls from the steppe on a wild hunt, this invigorating performance tells an impressive story of strength through movement.

Thunder (Shinetsog-Geni Dorjnyam)

Experience the soulful melodies of Mongolia with Shinetsog-Geni Dorjnyam. A master of the horsehead fiddle, he brings to life the rich heritage of nomadic culture, bridging past and present through evocative performances. His mesmerising throat singing offers a harmonic tribute to the vast steppes and winds, capturing the essence of Mongolia's deep connection to nature.

Ancient Script (Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir)

Dive into the world of Ancient Script with master calligrapher Oyunpurev Nyam-Ochir. Deeply rooted in Mongolian heritage, his creations offers a visual journey into the linguistic and cultural diversity of the ancient empire. Experience the enduring power of the written word through his artistry to convey emotions, stories, and wisdom, which stands as a testament to the cultural richness that defines Mongolia.

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