Immerse yourself in the stunning world of azure blooms with floral arrangements crafted by Japanese modern Ikebana artist Ms. Kaoruko.

Japan, renowned for its natural beauty, is a land abundant with floral wonders. Beyond its stunning Sakura blossoms, the nation also boasts a rich tapestry of artistic expressions, such as the intricate Bonsai and elegant Ikebana. Feast your eyes on some of these grown in Japan flower varieties through beautiful floral arrangements by Ms. Kaoruko right here at Floral Fantasy.

Ms. Kaoruko is an internationally acclaimed Japanese floral artist whose works reflect the culture and essence of Japan. By bringing her floral shows across the globe, Ms. Kaoruko strives to promote a deeper understanding of her country and foster friendships through the shared appreciation for flowers.

Date & Time

Sat, 1 June - Sun, 30 June 2024

Mon - Fri
10.00am – 7.00pm

Sat, Sun & PH
10.00am – 8.00pm


Admission to Floral Fantasy applies



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