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Culinary Creations - Makrut Lime (Kaffir Lime)

  • Leaves and fruits of kaffir lime


    Doesn’t this little citrus resemble a brain?


    The makrut lime, or perhaps more commonly known to us as kaffir lime, is a dark green citrus fruit similar to a regular lime but with uneven, bumpy skin. When freshly picked, the leaves are shiny and filled with essential oils, making it the richest and most fragrant part of the plant. It is this lovely, fresh aroma that often serves as a quick perk-me-up with its uplifting effects!


    What makes the leaves of the makrut lime smell so good is also what makes them good for you. The essential oils can positively affect digestive and oral health, stress levels, skin, and even your hair! It is also thought to be an effective mosquito repellent, similar to citronella and turmeric.

  • Kaffir lime as an insect repellent


    Did you know that vegetable oils extracted from the leaves are used to make perfumes too?


    As a key ingredient in many Southeast Asian cuisines, makrut lime leaves are probably one of the most flavourful of all herbs and a wonderful addition to soups, curries, stir-fries and even tea! Here’s a simple tea recipe that you can try at home!

  • Kaffir lime leaf tea. Recipe extracted from 10 Incredible Health Benefits Kaffir Lime.


    Kaffir Lime Leaf Tea

    Fresh kaffir lime leaves
    3 ½ teaspoons of brown sugar
    1 ¼ cup of water
      How to Prepare?
    1. Boil the water in a simmer
    2. Cut the leaves into three pieces to let out the natural oils
    3. Place the leaves in water for about 2 minutes
    4. Add sugar and stir well
    5. Consume kaffir lime leaf tea by placing a fresh leaf in your cup for that extra flavour
  • This article is part of our Culinary Creations series.

Written by: Beverly Ho, Senior Manager (Volunteers, Programming)
In her down time, Beverly can be found immersed in craftwork and gardening, or eyes glued to a thriller/ sci-fi movie/ novel! She enjoys cooking, singing, photography, gaming on her PS4 and just that bit of simple sports… since the limbs are now a lot less flexible with age.

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