Gardens in 2.5 Hours

Discover the gardens under glass

Students will discover the sustainable strategies at the Gardens, how plants adapt to the environment, their uses to Man, and the threats they face in the context of habitat destruction and climate change.

They will learn:

  • The energy sustainability strategies at Gardens by the Bay
  • How to recognise the adaptations of different plants featured in Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
  • To appreciate the importance of Cloud Forests to Man and animals
  • The threats and effects of climate change and human activities on plants, animals and the environment
  • To understand the need for conservation and living responsibly

For Primary 3 to 6.

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Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (indoor)


2.5 hours


$250 per group of 20 (excludes Flower Dome and Cloud Forest’s admission fee)


Plant Diversity, Sustainability, Social Studies, Science