Sculptures in the Outdoor Gardens (Part 2)

Water flows through the Gardens via interconnected lakes and waterways. Dragonfly Lake and Kingfisher Lake are tranquil spaces, perfect for taking a breather to appreciate the sculptures that lie within them.

Dragonfly Lake (left) & Kingfisher Lake (right) Dragonfly Lake (left) & Kingfisher Lake (right)

Perching Dragonfly

The dragonfly is the symbol of the Gardens and several impressive dragonfly sculptures can be found at Dragonfly Lake. One of them is the Perching Dragonfly by Singaporean sculptor, Eng Siak Loy. This metal sculpture captures the insect at rest in a perching position. The lattice effect on its wings reflect the delicate texture of dragonfly wings in real life.

Lotus Series

Nestled amongst the aquatic plants at the Dragonfly Lake is the Lotus Series by Chinese sculptor, Wang Rong Hai. Carved from granite, this series of six sculptures features the fruits, leaf-veins and flowers of the lotus. This striking aquatic plant is valued by the Chinese as a symbol of purity and resilience.

Water Buffaloes

The pair of water buffaloes at the edge of Dragonfly Lake is also the work of Wang Rong Hai. Installed at the terraces which resemble paddy fields, these granite sculptures are a representation of the hardworking animals that plough the rice fields across Asia.

Buffaloes Crossing the River

A herd of granite buffaloes by Eng Siak Loy can be seen in the serene waters of Kingfisher Lake. They depict common scenes in the Southeast Asian countryside. Water plants such as water lettuce and water hyacinth can be seen floating on the water surface alongside these majestic creatures.

Stroll along the lakes and take in the beauty of these sculptures!

Written by: Stephanie Dhillon, Assistant Director (Education, Programming & Events)

Stephanie is apparently a millennial but feels more like a Gen-Xer. She spends most of her days designing education programmes for the young and young at heart and the rest of her time running after her brood of children.