The Beauty of Leaves

The foliage of tropical plants has gained a large fan base amongst plant enthusiasts in recent years, here in the tropics as well as in temperate countries.

Many of these plants are suitable to be grown indoors or in dappled shade; and the large variety of leaf shapes, sizes, textures and patterns makes these tropical plants truly photogenic plants to have at home and in the office! 

5 Photogenic Types of Leaves 

Here are 5 types of photogenic leaves that are well-loved and displayed throughout Gardens by the Bay! How many of these plants do you recognise?

1. Pleated Leaves

The amazing pleated pattern can be found in the accordion-like leaves of the Licuala grandis (or the ruffled fan palm) and the sword-like leaves of the Molineria capitulata (or palm grass). With just the right light, the glossy pleated leaves cast shadows that create mesmerising dynamic patterns

2. Feathery Fronds

The strong central leaf stem and feathery fronds of palms make for amazingly structured graphic compositions in photos.

3. Filigreed Lace

When the light hits the delicate leaf of the Selaginella just right, it takes on an ethereal almost underwater coral-like appearance. It is just hard for the graceful fern to take a bad photo!

4. Intricate Carvings

The Araceae family is a large and diverse group of plants that have become really popular with plant enthusiasts lately! Due to the interesting leaf shapes and fenestrations (the arrangement of openings) present in many of the leaves, they look like intricate carvings or masks!

5. Painted Canvases

For plants such as Begonias, Caladiums or Calatheas, each leaf looks like an artist had painstakingly created little pieces of art on each and every one of them!

Look around you :)

Do you have any plants with interesting leaf shapes and patterns? Take a photo of a photogenic leaf in your home or garden! 

This article is contributed by Gardens by the Bay's Design and Development Team