FAQ - Scholarships

As the Gardens by the Bay Scholarship is very much targeted to groom talents and build the next generation of Horticulture experts and management leaders in the field, Scholars will be required to study Horticulture related courses.

Yes you are, as long as you are interested to pursue further studies in the Horticulture field.

No. You may apply for scholarship before securing a place at a university.  However, the award of the scholarship will be subject to your securing of a place for relevant studies at a recognised university.

There are universities from various countries that provide the courses of study which our scholars are encouraged to study in, these include UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand etc.  We are happy to discuss in greater details your choice of university and country of study.

Yes, you can. Please submit your past years' result slips or preliminary results and the final transcript when the results are released.

You can apply for the scholarship upon receipt of your preliminary results or final results transcript.  An in-principle offer will be made to you if you are successful in your application.  Your scholarship will then be held back till your completion of NS.

You will undergo interviews, written tests, psychometric test and activity-based assessments.

Yes. During the course of studies, all Scholars will need to serve at least 1 attachment with Gardens by the Bay during their available term breaks.  Scholars pursuing overseas studies are also encouraged to take on overseas attachments with renowned overseas institutions / gardens / nurseries to gain international work exposure and develop networks.

Yes, your bond duration will correspond to the number of years of study and value of the sponsorship package.

You will be granted job rotations for greater exposure and training.  Progression will be based on individual performance and review. Scholars who are mid-career individuals with some years of relevant experience will be accorded due recognition with commensurate designation.