A one-stop consultancy service for your horticulture & landscaping needs

Plants can make all the difference to a space – be it a home, an office, or a venue to celebrate special occasions or host events.

Gardens now offers a new one-stop consultancy service encompassing a full spectrum of horticulture and landscape design solutions. Designed by the Gardens' experienced field experts, our offerings include a range of personalised, innovative solutions that will match your budget and give you that desired garden-esque look.

Our Services

Residential and commercial landscaping

At Gardens by the Bay, we connect people to nature through the creation of a green sanctuary within the city.

Create your ideal home, office or commercial development by leveraging our full suite of landscape design services which includes:

  • Garden design and space planning
  • Plant selection and development of landscape planting plans
  • Site contouring and soil works (including considerations of subsoil drainage and soil compositions)

Floral Display Creation & Event Organisation

The people behind the spectacular floral displays at Floral Fantasy and the Flower Dome, our horticultural designers have honed their skills in the creation of attractive, bespoke botanical artworks for all seasons over many years.

Besides creating one-of-a-kind floral installations to celebrate special occasions, the Gardens by the Bay team also offers integrated event management advisory services to augment your event.

Vertical greenery

We specialise in the conceptualisation, design and execution of both indoor and outdoor vertical greenery displays. Our expertise is informed by rigorous research and development efforts spanning close to 15 years.

Creating Edible Gardens

Feed your interest in farming for self-sufficiency in your space of choice.

Work with our team to create sustainable, easy-to-maintain edible gardens – such as vegetable gardens and hydroponic gardens – that cater to your personalised needs.

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