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Organised by the Health Promotion Board

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t difficult with these free programmes and get healthy today! Lookout for our active programmes this April and May to stay strong and healthy!

Date & Time

Every Wed

20, 27 Apr
4, 11 May

7.00pm - 8.00pm

Admission Ticket Prices

Participants can register via Healthy 365 (H365) mobile app. Scan QR code for guide on how to sign up for the session on H365 (


Waterfront Plaza and Ficus Room,
Active Garden

Move It Feel Strong – Zumba Gold

20 & 27 Apr 2022

Waterfront Plaza

Regular exercises can help you feel more energetic! You will also learn simple strength, balance and flexibility exercises during the session, no matter the workout type. Join our Move It Feel Strong (MIFS) Zumba Gold, a fun-packed workout to grow stronger, balance better, move with greater flexibility and improve your heart health and circulation.

Doing Strength, balance and flexibility exercises regularly have many benefits, including:

  • Grow stronger
  • Have less joint pain and stiffness
  • Reduce your risk of falls

Stay healthy today, enjoy more tomorrows

4 May 2022

Ficus Room

Stay Healthy today, enjoy more tomorrows No matter our age, we all have hopes and goals. There are so many things you can do today to make your tomorrows fulfilling. Learn about healthy ageing and how to stay healthy through Active Ageing Programmes, so you can continue doing what you love.

Outline Participants will learn about:

  • The importance of healthy ageing
  • Active Ageing Programmes (AAPs) available in the community
  • E-resources available at

Let’s be strong together

11 May 2022

Ficus Room

Did you know, the loss of muscle mass may start before the age of 50? Loss in muscle mass can affect quality of life and increase the risk of falls, hence it is important to take heed early.
Sign up now and learn how you can preserve muscle mass through a healthy lifestyle with Active Ageing Programmes.

Outline Participants will learn about:

  • Importance of stronger muscle in golden years
  • Muscle loss and quality of life
  • How to be stronger
  • Protein intake
  • Strength activities in Active Ageing Programmes