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Golden gardenia (Gardenia mutabilis)

Did you know that ‘mutabilis’ means 'changeable' in reference to this flower’s color, which changes from creamy white to yellow, to deep orange as the flower ages? Find the golden gardenia, Gardenia mutabilis, at the Scented Walk!

  • Gardenia mutabilis is native to only a few islands in the Philippines and Eastern Indonesia. A member of the Rubiaceae family (which also includes coffee and ixora), this species is a woody shrub or small tree which can grow up to 5 meters tall.

  • In mass bloom, the golden gardenia is covered with a startling array of flowers in cream, yellow, and orange, depending on their age.

    The lovely pinwheel-like flowers open only in the evening and emit a strong fragrance that attracts moth pollinators. The flowers start off creamy-white, similar to many moth-pollinated night-blooming flowers, but will then turn deep yellow and then a burnt orange in color over the next few days. The Gardenia genus is named after Dr. Alexander Garden, a Scottish physician who was also passionate in studying plants and animals. Find this colourful and fragrant gardenia at the Scented Walk!

  • This article is part of our What's Blooming series.

Written by: Arthur Voo, Senior Research Executive (Research and Horticulture)
Arthur has been working closely with plants for more than 10 years, whether in a park, nature reserve or glasshouse. These days, if he isn’t taking care of plants in the glasshouses, he likes to spend his time hiking and looking for interesting plants in the wild.


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