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Flamingo lily (Anthurium andreanum cultivars)

Known as the flamingo lily for its pink or red leaf-like spathe and long yellow spadix holding hundreds of teensy-tiny florets, Anthurium andreanum hybrids are both popular indoor houseplants and hardy, outdoor ever-bloomers! Native to Columbia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, they’ve become as iconic a tropical flower as the frangipani (Plumeria obtusa)!

  • While their beautiful flowers look like a single bloom, they actually are made of multiple miniature flowers or florets! This flower stalk or inflorescence form is characteristic of the aroid family (Araceae). It features a large petal or leaf-like spathe enclosing a spadix or flower spike composed of hundreds of tiny florets.



    In fact, the genus name, Anthurium, comes from the Greek words meaning ‘flower’ and ‘tail’ in reference to the tail-like flower-bearing spadix. Other familiar aroids with the same floral form include the peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) and calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.).


  • See those little bumps on some of the spadices? They are actually developing fruits - tiny, one to two-seeded, inedible, miniature berries. Each berry is the ripened ovary from a single floret, after pollination by flies, bees, ants, or beetles.

    Find these familiar flowers and their tiny fruits in the lush and shady border beds of the Supertree Grove!



  • This article is part of our What's Blooming series.

Written by: Janelle Jung, Senior Researcher (Research and Horticulture)
A transplanted pake (Hawai'i-born Chinese), she's finding her own Singaporean roots. Every plant has a story, and Janelle helps discover and share these with colleagues and guests, hoping to spark a mutual plant passion! Ask her what plant she named her cat after!


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