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Gardens Explorer

Join our team on a journey as they bring the various flora of Flower Dome to you.

This is a 9-part series from Gardens Explorer.

Episode 1 - Flower Dome: Australian Garden

Have you ever wondered where Manuka Honey comes from? Join us on a tour of the Australian Garden in Flower Dome with Gary Chua, Deputy Director of Conservatory Operations, and our resident horticulturist Yanto to find out.

Episode 2 - Flower Dome: South American Garden

Find out what the national tree of Chile is, and how it got its puzzling name in this episode of Gardens Explorer as Gary and Yanto bring you through Flower Dome's South American Garden!

Episode 3 - Flower Dome: South African Garden

Ever noticed how the beautiful Bird-of-Paradise gets pollinated? Discover this popular ornamental plant and more secrets of the South African Garden with Gary and Yanto in the Flower Dome.

Episode 4 - Flower Dome: Mediterranean Garden and Olive Grove (Part 1)

Where do the most flavorful foods like olives and fennel come from? Join Gary and introducing Sean who dig deep into the ancient heart of agriculture via our Mediterranean Garden and Olive Grove in the Flower Dome.

Episode 5 - Flower Dome: Mediterranean Garden and Olive Grove (Part 2)

Which dragon did the Dragon Tree get its name from? Gary and Sean continue their journey in the Mediterranean Garden and Olive Grove with mythological tales and more in this episode. 

Episode 6 - Flower Dome: Californian Garden

Find out what California has in common with the Mediterranean Basin, and marvel at its flawless fruits as Gary and Sean explore our Californian Garden in the Flower Dome.

Episode 7 - Flower Dome: Mediterranean Border Garden

How many petals does an English Rose have, and how did Fuchsias get their name? Find out more facts about your favourite flowers in the Mediterranean Border Garden with Sean in this episode.  

Episode 8 - Flower Dome: Succulent Garden

Why is the Century plant named so, and how do succulents conserve water? Join Gary and Vanessa as they take us on a trip to our amazing Succulent Garden in this episode.

Episode 9 - Flower Dome: Baobabs Garden

Why is the Baobab known as mother of the forest or upside down tree? Uncover the many guises and practical uses of these mighty trees as Gary and Vanessa explore our Baobabs Garden.

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