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World of Plants - Secret Life of Trees

  • The World of Plants, grouped into six themed outdoor gardens, showcases the diversity of plants and its importance to supporting life on Earth.

    Let’s begin our journey with the first garden, Secret Life of Trees.

  • Overlooking Supertree Grove from Secret Life of Trees

    Secret Life of Trees is home to a variety of green giants found in tropical rainforests that thrive in our hot and wet climate. Get to know some of them before your next visit to the Gardens!

  • Sandbox Tree

    Cone-shaped prickles on the trunk of a sandbox tree (left) & its pumpkin-shaped fruit (right)

    The sandbox tree can reach a height of 60 metres in its native tropical habitat. It is easily recognised by its extremely spiny bark, though the danger doesn’t stop there! Its ripened pods split explosively and can catapult its seeds and shell fragments with great force, up to 50 metres away, injuring anything in its path!

  • Pau-Mulato

    Peeling outer bark revealing the smooth layer beneath

    Also known as naked tree, this South American canopy tree sheds and regenerates its dark brown bark on a yearly basis, revealing the smooth, polished, light green layer beneath. Recognised for its high density, durable wood that is logged for construction and parquet, its bark has also been harvested by generations of indigenous Indians for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal properties.

  • Snowflake Tree

    Young leaves of a snowflake tree (left) & its young trunk with sharp prickles (right)

    Growing in the shade of Southeast Asian rainforests, the snowflake tree has a green bark with a spiny texture. Young plants produce ovate leaves which later become palmate and lobed. Upon maturity, a single leaf may look like it is made up of several leaflets radiating from a central point, resembling a snowflake, hence its name.

  • This article is part of our Guide to the Gardens - World of Plants series

Written by: Guan Zhifang, Assistant Manager, (Festivals & Events, Programming)
Zhifang is an events planner by day. She believes that slowing down in this fast-paced world is anything but lazy, so let’s breathe and take the time to stop and smell the roses!

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