liza - landscape designer

Students will go on a virtual expedition of Flower Dome and Cloud Forest to learn about climate change, sustainability, and the ways in which plants such as the African Baobab and Voi Cycad have adapted for survival.

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Via Zoom, at Cloud Forest and Flower Dome


60 mins


$100 per session


Sustainability, Diversity of Plants

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the adaptations of featured plants
  • Understand the concept and issues related to climate change, including its causes and effects
  • Understand the concept of environmental sustainability
  • Discover how land, energy and water are used sustainably and efficiently in Gardens by the Bay and Singapore


Programme Details

  • Secondary 1-4/5
  • Science, Geography, Combined Humanities
  • Link to virtual session will be sent to school after payment has been made
  • Each virtual tour comprises live interactive segments with a facilitator and pre-recorded video footage