All Rounder Programmes

Be awed by the Gardens’ green innovations

Stimulate your students’ curiosity about technology by sharing with them the unique green design of the Cloud Forest, the Supertrees, and more. Enhance their appreciation of how modern innovations and the “natural” environment can co-exist.

They will learn:

  • Understand the various adaptations that are highlighted at Gardens by the Bay
  • Recognise the creative use of design for long-term conservation and sustainability
  • Exercise 21st century competencies such as teamwork, critical and inventive thinking and information and communication skills
  • Establish pride in Singapore’s achievements, understand our nation’s challenges and opportunities, build confidence in our future and nurture a sense of belonging to Singapore
  • Consider practical ways to help in environmental conservation


For Secondary 1 - 4/5.

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Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (indoor)


2.5 hours


$250 per group of 20 (excludes Flower Dome and Cloud Forest’s admission fee)


Sustainability, Conservation, Plant Diversity, Biology, Geography, Science, Art, Combined Humanities, English, Music, Physics