FAQ - Covid 19 Advisory

Ticketing & Admission

You may purchase timed tickets to the attractions from the Gardens by the Bay website or the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App (available in Google Play and App Store), which also includes a suite of features that will provide you with a more seamless experience at the Gardens.

For Supertree Observatory, limited tickets can be purchased from a self-service Ticketing kiosk at the attraction entrance.

As the capacity of the attractions will be reduced significantly, visitors are required to apply for tickets with time slots for entry to help us stagger entry flow, even out the crowd throughout the day and prevent overcrowding at all times. 

One-hour entry time slots will be available for selection during the ticket purchase. If you arrive anytime within the one-hour time slot, you will be able to enter the attraction immediately, and exit anytime after your entry. 

Yes, FOG members can pre-book their time slot to visit the attractions online or via the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App.

An admission fee applies to Floral Fantasy. You may purchase timed tickets to the attractions from the Gardens by the Bay website or the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App. For Supertree Observatory, limited tickets will be available onsite via the self-service kiosks at the Supertree Observatory entrance.

If you arrive outside of your scheduled time slot, you may need to wait for the next available time slot.

If for some reason you are unable to visit during the selected day and time slot, you may reschedule here.

• For OCBC Skyway: Admission to OCBC Skyway is subject to weather conditions such as rain or lightning risks. For affected visits, visitors will be ushered to our latest attraction – Supertree Observatory. Alternatively, visitors may change the time slots by 11pm on the date of your scheduled visit, subject to availability.
• For Cloud Forest / Flower Dome / Floral Fantasy: Visitors may change the time slots at least 48 hours before your scheduled visit, subject to availability. 

Smart Tracking works by using GPS location data and Bluetooth to effectively locate you only within Gardens by the Bay. Visitors are encouraged to download the Gardens by the Bay Mobile App and activate the Smart Tracking function. An advantage of using Smart Tracking is that it helps to map the crowd situation in various parts of the Gardens. As more visitors activate this function, visitors will be able to find out the crowd situation in the enclosed attractions and selected outdoor areas of the Gardens while using the app, thereby enabling visitors to better plan their itineraries at the Gardens.

You may wish to read our privacy policy here to better understand how Gardens by the Bay manages and uses the data that has been collected.

On our online ticketing page, please select the option “Ticket Replacement” to book your preferred date of visit and time slot. Please present the original ticket to our admission staff to gain entry to the attraction.

Card holders of the ComCare Long Term Assistance Scheme (also known as Public Assistance Scheme) card, the Development Disability Registry (DDR) card and Persons with Disability (PWD) card can present their card at Friends of the Gardens Centre to redeem a time slot on day of visit to gain entry to the Conservatories and Floral Fantasy. No pre-booking is required for holders. Entry is subject to availability and attraction capacity.

Gardens by the Bay Mobile App

The Gardens by the Bay Mobile App is designed to enable visitors to enjoy a contactless and safe visit to the Flower dome when they visit. Apart from the Smart Tracing feature that enhances the safety of visitors, the app will allow visitors to buy and scan their tickets to Flower Dome, perform SafeEntry check-in and check-out, and get real-time updates on crowd levels in the Gardens. A suite of other features tailored for our Friends of the Gardens (FOG) members and general visitors will be progressively introduced to enhance the enjoyment of your visits. Features that will be made available to both visitors and FOG members progressively from 29 June include the following*:

Features Available date
Filter Selfie
29 june
Game - Go Supertree Go!
29 june
Garden Stories
29 june
Purchase FOG membership (only available via GB Mobile App)
29 june
Use of SafeEntry
1 july
Pre-booking and purchase timed attraction tickets
7 July
Purchase Shuttle Service tickets
11 July
Plant Identification
11 July
Crowd information at selected attractions
11 July

FOG members can also access the following additional features in the app:

Features Available date
Pre-book visit time slot
29 june
Update vehicle IU numbers
(processing time: three working days)
29 June
Scan e-Card to access Flower Dome
1 July
Parking redemption using IU numbers
(if members have already furnished IU numbers)
1 July

* Information stated is correct at time of publication and is subject to change without prior notice.


Safe distancing and other safety measures

Safe distancing measures at our enclosed attractions, such as limiting the number of visitors allowed and implementing a contactless ticketing and admission control system so that visitors can enjoy the Gardens with a peace of mind. Other safety measures include:

  • Wearing of face shields and face masks by staff at all times
  • Disinfection and cleaning to be carried out frequently throughout the gardens, especially at key visitor touch points
  • Availability of hand sanitisers for visitors’ use
  • Safe distancing measures and reduced capacity for Shuttle Service
  • Single direction visitor flow within the attractions
  • Suspension of re-entry for visitors to ensure capacity does not exceed permissible limit
  • Installation of transparent partitions at information and retail counters for added protection for visitors and staff

Wedding solemnisation / reception at Gardens by the Bay

Per the current COVID-19 safety measures:

From 10 Aug 2021:

Marriage solemnisations are allowed up to 500 attendees (if vaccinated) and up to 50 attendees (if unvaccinated). Wedding receptions are allowed up to 250 attendees (if vaccinated). Group sizes need to be maintained at 5 guests per table. 

From 19 Aug 2021:

Marriage solemnisations are allowed up to 1,000 attendees (if vaccinated) and up to 50 attendees (if unvaccinated). Wedding receptions are allowed up to 250 attendees (if vaccinated). Group sizes need to be maintained at 5 guests per table. 


Vaccinated guests are required to provide proof of their vaccination status via the TraceTogether app, Singpass or Singapore-government-approved Vaccination Cards upon entering our venue. Unvaccinated guests are subject to Pre-Event Testing (PET) requirements. 

Please refer to MOH’s guidelines at https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19/pet for more information on Pre-Event Testing.

To find out more about the safe management measures for wedding events, visit https://www.gobusiness.gov.sg/covid-faqs/.

Flower Field Hall, Waterview Room, Silver Leaf, Supertree Observatory, Floral Fantasy and South American Garden are venue spaces suitable for your solemnisation event. Contact us to find out more about the wedding solemnisation package.

All attendees are to wear masks at all times, with the exception of the bride and groom who may wear face shields instead. Masks can be removed momentarily for phototaking and must be worn immediately after the photos are taken.

Any vendor that you engage for your solemnisation ceremony / reception will need to seek the necessary clearance to resume operations based on the prevailing national guidelines.

If in doubt, your vendor can clarify with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). If they are allowed to resume operations for your solemnization / reception, vendors and premise staff will not be counted in the guest limit for your solemnisation / reception. Nevertheless, vendors and premise staff should be kept to a minimum.

Food and drinks are not allowed to be served as part of the wedding solemnisation event. Couples may hold one reception either on the same day as the solemnisation or on a separate day. Individually plated or packaged food eg: bentos are to be arranged and served to the seated attendees. Shared platters or dishes are strongly discouraged. Self-service buffets or staff-served food lines are not permitted. Pre-wedding receptions, freestanding activities (e.g photobooths) and interactions such as drinks receptions are not permitted.

Gardens by the Bay has been certified SG Clean and is compliant with all government-mandated safe management measures. All guests and vendors will be required to check-in via SafeEntry. All guests should download and activate TraceTogether before attending the event. Other safety measures include:

  • Temperature screening
  • Safe distancing of 1 metre
  • Sanitisation of amenities like public toilets every 1 hour
  • Hand sanitisers will be made available at the venue.