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Go on a journey of discovery and fun around the Gardens.

Guided Gardens Tour

Learn more about the conservatories and the outdoor gardens on our Gardens Tours! Tours can be customised according to your interest and schedule, and visitors can choose to visit as many of our key attractions as they wish.

Key Attractions of Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome

View our collection of amazing plants from cool-dry Mediterranean climates that can only be experienced in parts of Europe, Chile, South Africa and California up close, and wander among the unusual Baobabs, succulent plants and thousand-year-old olive trees as you take in the ever changing sights of the flower display.

Cloud Forest

Explore the cool-moist Cloud Forest, which features a spectacular 35-metre high man-made waterfall, as well as exotic plants like orchids, pitcher plants, and ferns that originate from the Tropical Montane highlands located some 1,000 to 3,500 metres above sea level

The Supertrees

Gaze up in awe at the dramatic vertical plant displays on the 'living skin' of our Supertrees and take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway and enjoy a bird's eye view of the surrounding Marina Bay area from 22 metres above the ground. Watch them come to life nightly at 7:45 PM and 8:45 PM with a spectacular light and sound show.

Heritage Gardens

Get acquainted with a selection of plants that are closely intertwined with the culture of Singapore's main ethnic groups, and learn about the historical significance of these plants in the city-state's colonial heritage.

World of Plants

Discover the intricate web of floral relationships in the rainforest and the various functions of plants in our six World of Plants gardens. Be sure to look out for the eight amazing animals made out of living foliage, and learn how these animals are vital to forest health.

Garden Cruiser Audio Tours

Explore the Outdoor Gardens in style on a leisurely 20-minute ride around the Bay South Garden aboard our Audio Tour Garden Cruiser tram! Tune in to informative commentary as you take in the views of the Cooled Conservatories, Outdoor Gardens, the Meadow and the Supertree Grove from the comfort of the Garden Cruiser tram.

Tour Fee (with effect from 1 Jan 2014)
Group size: Maximum of 12 pax

Package Gardens Tour with Garden Cruiser




1 hour

Garden Cruiser Audio Tour, and single Conservatory or two Conservatories


2 hours

Garden Cruiser Audio Tour, Supertree Grove,
OCBC Skyway and two Conservatories.


*Inclusive of rental of 12-seater Garden Cruiser tram, admission to specified attractions and GST
Package Gardens Tour without Garden Cruiser




1 hour

Two Conservatories


2 hours

Supertree Grove, OCBC Skyway
and Two Conservatories


**Inclusive of admission to specified attractions and GST
Gardens Tour Only***




1 hour

Two Conservatories


2 hours

Supertree Grove, OCBC Skyway
and Two Conservatories


***This option caters for visitors who have pre-purchased tickets to the Conservatories and/or the OCBC Skyway, and would like to book our Gardens Tour only.
****Inclusive of tour fees and GST

Register a Guided Gardens Tour.

Guided Gardens Tour Terms & Conditions

Visiting the Gardens for an educational purpose? Learn more about our School Programmes.

Conservatories Audio Tour

Enhance your stroll through the cooled Conservatories, with an Audio Tour (available in English, Mandarin and Japanese). Discover the stories behind plant displays and interesting details about the architecture, site planning and sustainability of the cooled Conservatories. With easy-to-follow instructions, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of plants as you go on a self-guided tour at your own leisurely pace.


Rental of Audio Tour devices:
Only available at the Visitors' Information Centre, from 9:00 AM daily. Last rental is at 8:00 PM, and all devices must be returned by 9:00 PM.

Outdoor Gardens Audio Tour

Hop onto the 22-seater Garden Cruiser tram and go on a leisurely 25 minute ride around Bay South Garden. Tune in to informative commentary as you take in the views of the Cooled Conservatories, Themed Gardens, the Meadow and the Supertree Grove.

Ticket Price:

  • $8 for Adults and Senior Citizens
  • $3 for Children between 3 and 12 years of age
  • $5 for Friends of the Gardens adult members

Purchase Points:

  • Golden Garden (near the Visitor Centre); cash payment only in small denomination
  • Travel Agents can buy group tickets at the main Ticketing Counter (electronic payment available)


  • Tram commentary will be in English
  • Chinese and Japanese commentaries are also available through downloading our Garden Cruiser Audio Tour app on Apple and Android devices. Our Garden Cruisers come equipped with an iPad app in the first row. Visitors may utilise it to access the app. A pair of new earphones will be provided to passengers who wish to utilise it.


Operating Hours:
Monday* - Friday
9:45 AM - 5:45 PM (Last ride)
*Service begins at 12:30 PM every first Monday of the month

Saturday, Sunday, eve of and on PH
9:45 AM - 4:45 PM (Last ride)

Gardens by the Bay Mobile App

Unlock the secrets of the Gardens through our interactive trail maps on our mobile app and complete interactive mini-games ranging from memory quizzes, to augmented reality challenges to earn badges and complete your Tree of Knowledge. Find out more here.

Trail Maps

The Gardens by the Bay Trail Maps are simple plant guides that introduce visitors to some of the more fascinating plants in both our conservatories and in the outdoor themed gardens.

  • The Conservatories Trail Map features plants from the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, like the Wooly Cactus and the Pitcher Plant.
  • The Outdoor Themed Gardens Trail Map features plants from the Heritage Gardens and the World of Plants, like the Pine Tree and the Cannonball Tree.

$1 each
Points of Sale: Gardens by the Bay Retail Shops

Self-Guided Trails

Take time to smell the flowers and let the stress of the day fade away as you go on a journey filled with endless discoveries! Whether you have an hour or a full day to spare, there is always something new to see or discover at the Gardens. Here are some ‘must-see’ sights for your trip to Gardens by the Bay. Purchase the cooled Conservatories or Themed-Gardens trail map and explore the Gardens on your own. 

Trail Suggestions



1 to 2 hours

  • At the Visitor Centre, stop to gaze at our first cluster of Supertrees, the Golden Garden.

  • Head over to the Flower Dome to view unique plants from the Mediterranean and semi-arid subtropical regions such as South Africa and parts of Europe.

  • Stroll towards the connecting Cloud Forest and ascend the man-made mountain to enjoy the plants from the Tropical Montane region, between 1,000 to 3,500 metres above sea level.

  • Complete your visit with some attractive souvenirs from the Garden Shop.

2 to 3 hours

  • Start your journey with a visit to the cooled Conservatories – the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

  • After the cooled Conservatories, hop on to the Garden Cruiser and take a ride through the Themed Gardens, accompanied by informative commentary.

  • Alight at the Supertree Grove and be awed by the main cluster of 12 Supertrees. Go up to the OCBC Skyway and be amazed by the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay skyline.

  • Pop by our Garden Shop for some souvenirs to remember your visit to Gardens by the Bay.

3 to 4 hours

  • Start your journey with a visit to the cooled Conservatories – the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

  • After the Conservatories, proceed to the Heritage Gardens and explore the Indian, Chinese, Malay and Colonial Gardens to discover how plants are intricately linked to the culture of the main ethnic groups in Singapore.

  • Make your way back with a stop at the World of Plants and discover the secret life of trees, the complex underground root system and the amazing world of flowers and fruits.

  • Take a break at one of our F&B outlets or stop by for a bit of shopping at our Garden Shop before you leave.

More than 4 hours

  • At the Visitor Centre, stop to gaze at our first cluster of Supertrees, the Golden Garden.

  • Go on to visit the cooled Conservatories - the magnificent Flower Dome, and enjoy a cool walk around the Cloud Forest.

  • After your visit to the cooled Conservatories, take a leisurely stroll in our Heritage Gardens and World of Plants and capture nature’s beauty with your camera.

  • Remember to stop by the Dragonfly Lake for a photographic moment and look out for the gorgeous dragonflies as you walk along the boardwalk.

  • Then stroll over to our second cluster of Supertrees, the Silver Garden, to view the amazing mix of grey and silver epiphytes.

  • Before you move on, take a break and relax with a drink or meal at one of our F&B outlets.

  • Next, ascend one of our iconic Supertrees at Supertree Grove and be awed by the splendid views of the Marina skyline.

  • Complete your visit with some attractive souvenirs from the Garden Shop.

Gardens by the Bay Mobile App

Enhance your experience at the Gardens by embarking on a virtual journey of flora and fauna discovery via our mobile app, available in five languages – English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil and Japanese.

Unlock the secrets of the Gardens through our interactive trail maps available; complete interactive mini-games ranging from memory quizzes, to augmented reality challenges to earn badges and complete your Tree of Knowledge.

App Highlights

Botany Hunt

Using a photo and a map hint, locate five different plants and scan a special QR code to learn a fun fact about them.

Build Your Garden

Rebuild part of this garden in a simple puzzle game.

Hidden Secrets

Look for five virtual plants related to this section of the garden with an Augmented Reality challenge.

Where in the World

Unlock this activity upon completion of the “Botany Hunt”, “Hidden Secrets” and “Build Your Garden” activities.

Download our mobile app now!

Art at the Gardens

Gardens by the Bay is home to more than 40 sculptures - featuring unique pieces from Zimbabwe, Australia and the United Kingdom, specially commissioned sculptures by Singaporean artists aimed to celebrate our natural features, intriguing Southeast Asian crafts that fit naturally within the lush plant surroundings, as well as stone works from China, that complement the beauty of the plant displays and add a new dimension to the landscape.

Nestled amidst the horticultural splendour of the Gardens, these sculptures are a natural extension of the Gardens' aspirations to connect people with the stories of plants and the world at large.

Featured Sculptures

Floral Clock

A gift from Audemars Piguet on the occasion of Singapore's 50th anniversary, this seven-metre-wide Floral Clock draws inspiration from the signature characteristics of Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak collection and fuses traditional and contemporary landscaping elements in its design. Featuring tropical plants with coloured foliage and flowers, its plant palette will be refreshed regularly for the public to enjoy.

The Eagle Has Landed
Flower Dome (The Baobabs)

Cleverly crafted from the polished and varnished Lychee roots, this commanding eagle is supported by a plain Lychee tree stump. The eagle has a reputation as a fierce hunter in the sky and its name also resembles the Chinese word for “hero”. The eagle surveys the Flower Dome from its vantage point, where it overlooks the changing display of the Flower Field and the Mediterranean Garden. Outside the dome, you might spot the real fishing eagle that can often be seen circling the conservatory on sunny afternoons.

The Magnificent Bull created by Walter Matia,
donated by Merrill Lynch Bank
Golden Garden

Sited at the Arrival Square of the Gardens, this strong bronze cast bull sculpture by renowned American sculptor Walter Matia (b. 1953) displays a vigour that aptly depicts Singapore’s bullish economy. The artist’s passion about natural history serves as an inspiration to his impressive pieces. In his own words, he uses his visual experience to represent nature, rather than documenting it, by “selecting shapes and organising the masses, lines and negative spaces into sculpture”.

Giant Snail donated by John Tan Jiew Hoe
Cloud Forest (Secret Garden)

Wonderfully captured by contemporary Australian artist Will Wilson, a bronze cast of an oversized snail stands among the beds of multi-coloured of begonias growing in the shady and humid Secret Garden. Nearby, several limestone snails by Wang Rong Hai (王荣海) from Xiamen, dot the landscape and provide company for the giant bronze snail.

Ants on Trees created by Eng Siak Loy
The Canopy

Climbing all over our “peek-a-boo” trees made from the hollow trunks of Toog Trees (Bishofia javanica), these curious ants seem to be hard at work and are a favourite with our young visitors. The pieces were designed and sited by renowned local artist, Eng Siak Loy. Those larger-than-life wildlife sculptures are amongst the many which are dotted around the Gardens, to stimulate our curiosity and help us reconnect our urbanized lifestyle with nature.

Dragonfly Riders created by Dr Elsie Yu
Dragonfly Lake

A landmark feature within the tranquil Dragonfly Lake, these magnificent giant dragonflies sculptures with casts of children riding on their backs, measure 5m by 6m. The laser-cut meshed pattern used on the wings of the dragonflies encases colourful art glass, which gives an overall fascinating abstract effect. The eyes of the dragonflies, blue in one sculpture, red in the other, are made of mouth-blown glass flecked with gold. A touch of human warmth amongst our grandiose garden, the sculpture of the child riders is an ode to the joys of childhood.

Trio of Kingfishers created by Eng Siak Loy
Kingfisher Lake

Comprising two kingfisher sculptures in a perching stance and one in a flight position, the Trio of Kingfishers is given pride of place at the Kingfisher Lake, one of the more tranquil and relaxing spots in the Gardens. These large, impressive kingfisher sculptures are not only location markers but a sight to behold as their metallic feathers catch the changing light on the lake surface. The sightings of nine species of kingfishers have been recorded in Singapore. Some of them, such as the White-throated Kingfisher and the Collared Kingfisher are a familiar and welcome sight at the Gardens.

Heritage Gardens (Chinese Gardens)

You will encounter a modern piece of sculpture as you depart the Chinese garden and walk towards the Malay Garden. Named Diaspora, or li xiang (离乡), which means “to leave one’s native place”, this two-piece sculpture pays homage to early Chinese immigrants who had journeyed to Singapore in search of a better life. The first piece with a hollow centre, shaped in front of a pond which represents the ocean, while the second cut-out human figure is placed nearer the Malay Garden. The amterial used for Disapora is a type of marble known as “springstone”. For this sculpture, the springstone was leftrough and gray around the edges, while the hollow area on the inside of the stone and the outline of tha man were polished to a beautifully shiny, dark texture.

Guardian Lions created by Wang Rong Hai
Supertree Grove

The two pairs of guardian lions placed to welcome visitors at both ends of the Supertree Grove are a prime example of traditional Chinese sculpture. Chinese guardian lions are always presented in pairs, with the male on the right, with its right paw playing with a ball that represents “power” and the female on the left, with a cub under her left paw, which symbolizes the cycle of life. According to the Taoist philosophy, the paired lions are also a representation of yin (female) and yang (male), which are the two contrasting and fundamental elements of the “Way”. While the male lion guards the entrance, the female lion protects the interior of the dwelling.

Planet created by Marc Quinn
The Meadow

A hefty seven tons, this impressive bronze sculpture is 9m long and 3m tall. It portrays an oversized reproduction of the artist’s own son, Lucas, as a baby. The sculpture’s weight is masterfully balanced on the infant’s right hand, creating the illusion that the sculpture is floating in the air. Created in 2008, the sculpture was exhibited for the first time at the Beyond Limits exhibition of contemporary sculpture at Chatsworth House, then later at the 2012 The Littoral Zone, at the Musee Oceanographic in Monaco. Planet is set to remain on permanent display at Gardens by the Bay, following its unveiling in early 2003. It is part of a trilogy which also includes Lucas (2001) and Innosciende (2004).

La Famille de Voyageurs created by Bruno Catalano
Flower Dome

Worked in bronze, ‘La Famille de voyageurs’ (A travelling family) depicts a family visiting Gardens by the Bay before heading home. As they depart Singapore, they take with them beautiful memories and leave a part of themselves behind. Inspired by the universal theme of travel, French sculptor Bruno Catalano’s eye-catching works, with their dashed bodies and the deliberate lack of volume, invite the viewer to mentally reconstruct the possibility of the human potential.