Editor’s Note


Dear Friends,

The Gardens is seeing off 2017 with beautiful new exhibitions and exciting activities!

Round up October with a visit to the Autumn Harvest floral display and catch the dazzling sight of chrysanthemums in full bloom! Then, welcome the Christmas season with one of the most popular events held in the Gardens – Christmas Wonderland 2017. This annual crowd favourite is sure to rouse up the Christmas spirit in you and your family.

This is also the perfect time to visit the Poinsettia Wishes floral display, where the picturesque poinsettias and hydrangeas showcase why they are true embodiments of the year-end holiday season.

Speaking of the holiday season, be sure to sign up your young ones for two very special Garden Troopers escapades – My Outdoor Adventures! and Green Encounters! These workshops combine education with fun, and promise unforgettable learning experiences for your children.

This issue, we are giving away a Now and Then Pen in our Quick Quiz. The first winner with the correct answer will be our next winner!

See you at the Gardens!