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The Poinsettia is native to Mexico and is a member of the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae). Although popularly known for their red and green leaves, Poinsettias also come in a variety of other colours, such as pink, white and yellow. The colourful parts of this popular Christmas flower are bracts (modified leaves) and the flowers are actually borne in the centre of these modified leaves.

Come and appreciate the spectacular beauty of these flowers at the Poinsettia Wishes floral display, from 2 November 2018 to 6 January 2019.

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Helleborus is also commonly known as “Christmas Rose”. Contrary to its name, this plant isn’t actually a rose, but is a member of Ranunculaceae, the Buttercup family. This elegant flower comes in a wide spectrum of colours, including purple, green, maroon, pink and white. It blooms during winter and stays in bloom throughout the season.

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Sandpaper Vine

The Sandpaper Vine is native to the forests of tropical America, and got its name from the rough, abrasive texture of its leaves. The plant is a woody climber that bears long, arching inflorescences of purple, star-shaped flowers. As Singapore’s climate is ideal for the Sandpaper Vine, you can expect to see more of these blooms throughout the year.

Catch a glimpse of the intriguing Sandpaper Vine at the Supertree near the Supertree Grove Lawn!

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Yellow Bells

It’s hard to miss the brilliant Yellow Bells, with their spectacular clusters of bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers which stand out against their verdant, lance-shaped leaves. Native to South America and the floral emblem of the Bahamas, Yellow Bells are also called vainicillo, or little vanilla, in Costa Rica, as their seeds resemble miniature vanilla beans.

These relatives of the Rosy Trumpet Tree (Tabebuia rosea) spring into bloom several times a year in Singapore, usually after a dry spell. Yellow Bells are a hardy, drought-resistant species, which explains their popularity in landscaping projects around the country.

Spot them at the Coach Bay, Bayfront Plaza or at the end of the Scented Walk near the Waterfront Promenade during your next visit to the Gardens!