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Tulips are naturally perennial plants, blooming year after year in climates with dry summers and cold winters - like the arid steppes of Central Asia. When cultivated in other climatic conditions, they tend to grow as annuals, dying off after one flowering season. They are bulbous plants from the genus Tulipa, and belong to the same family as lilies.

Check out the elegant tulips at the Tulipmania floral display from 13 April to 13 May.

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Begonias are native to the tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America, Africa and Southern Asia. They are generally terrestrial, while some are epiphytic. Begonias are monoecious, with separate male and female flowers on the same individual plant. Their leaves are often large and asymmetric, having two unequal halves.

Be enchanted by these exquisite flowers at the Begonia Brilliance floral display from 25 May to 1 July.


Gardens Vibes

Starfruit Trees

Spot our starfruit trees (Averrhoa carambola) near the satay stalls at Satay by the Bay. These trees are over a hundred years old, and come from Taiwan.

While they are the same species as the trees that produce the starfruits sold in supermarkets, these trees at Satay by the Bay have upright branches, which have been pruned and trained to take on this unique form to facilitate the harvesting of fruits.

Gardens Vibes

Flame of the Forest Trees

Selected for their impressive size and elegant forms, the new Flame of the Forest trees (Delonix regia) are permanent additions at Satay by the Bay. They are the largest specimens in our collection!

Soil exchange work was carried out prior to planting, as Delonix regia prefers well-drained soil. A sub-soil drainage system, including a sub-soil pipe which channels water to the nearest drain, was also installed in the area post-planting to ensure the best soil condition for our trees.